Travel Tips

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National currency is the Euro –

Italian Allure Travel highly recommends you have travel insurance, please note that we are not acting as a travel agent or tour operator and we recommend that you speak to your local travel agent for further travel insurance matters.

Be aware of pickpockets in Italy especially around train stations, we recommend that you leave your valuables in the hotel safe

WEATHER ~ Best times to travel are mid April to the end of June and the beginning of September to the end of October. Temperatures are very comfortable during these months. If you plan to travel to coastal hotspots in Italy during July and August, the temperatures can get quite warm and be prepared for many restaurants and hotels to be fully booked and the small beach towns to be crowded.

SHOP the end of season sales. The word for SALE in Italian is SALDI, this you will see in every shop window during sale time. The exact dates that the sales start differ slightly by region, for example Rome and Milan sales may start on different days yet generally during the same months. Winter sales start in January and Summer sales are during the month of July. If you are after the hottest items on sale it’s a good idea to hit the sales at the beginning of these months because by the end of the season’s sales most of the best stock has gone. SHOP our Self Guided Shopping and Walking Tours.

  • Transport – IAT suggest walking as much as possible around your Italian destinations, this is the best local experience you can get, yet if your feet get tired ask us about luxury private car transfers to ensure comfort, reliability and safety, especially when late at night.
  • Traditional Italian breakfasts start with a freshly squeezed orange juice or ‘spremuta d’arancia’ and then consists of a simple cappuccino or espresso accompanied by a small cornetto of your favourite variety whilst standing at a local bar.
  • Aperitivo hour – 6pm to 9pm: is Italy’s happy hour, a pre-dinner drink and get together that is one of the best parts of early evening in Italy. An aperitif is a cocktail or your favourite alcoholic beverage served with delicious bite size appetisers or ‘hors d’oeuvres’.

Here are some Italian phrases to help get you started

  • Hello or goodbye = Ciao
  • Good morning = Buongiorno
  • Good afternoon = Salve
  • Good evening! = Buona sera (This is said after 5pm)
  • Can I please have a glass of white/red wine? = Posso avere un bicchiere di vino bianco/rosso?
  • I would like a beer please = Vorrei una birra per favore
  • Can I have the bill? = Posso avere il conto?
  • Do you sell = ‘Avete …
  • I would like to buy = “Vorrei comprare …
  • My name is = Mi chiamo …
  • What is your name? = Come ti chiami?


Coffee in Italy!

I would like a cappuccino please! = Vorrei un cappuccino per favore! (Try not to order a cappuccino after midday, its just not the thing to do in Italy, Italian’s drink cappuccino’s for breakfast only) ·

  • Short black = Espresso
  • Long black = Caffe lungo
  • Macchiato = Caffe macciato
  • Cafe latte = Caffellatte