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  • San Gimignano high up in the Tuscan hills..

    Outside the walls of the tiny medieval town of San Gimignano in Tuscany Wishing well in the main piazza On a quiet day walking through town, no tourists, just the occasional echo of the local banter from the sandstone walls The sun tries to appear yet is shaded by the… Read more »

  • Paris in Love ..

    Paris in Love by Eloisa James is the perfect holiday read, I happen to be reading it at the moment and unfortunately I’m not on holidays, which means that either way, its a relaxing easy read and great escapism. I think everyone dreams of dropping all responsibilities and running off to… Read more »

  • Positano boutique shopping..

    Pretty jewelled sandals Delicious scents from Carthusia, the fragrance originated on the Island of Capri on the Amalfi Coast. Half way up the hill charm Positano is a heavenly place to be and like all of the beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast it’s full of local charm, tiny boutiques… Read more »

  • Anna Dello Russo is so inspirational and seriously fun..

    Anna Dello Russo and H&M Its true that Italian women are inspirational around the world known for their elite sense of style, whether its classic, dramatic or just to have some fun, there are so many Italian women that inspire me in different ways to break the boundaries with my style,… Read more »

  • Giovanna Battaglia.. beauty.. style..

      My ultimate Style Icon is Giovanna Battaglia   A woman who exudes elegance, natural beauty, drive, quality and cutting edge AMAZING style!!!     If I could only have Giovanna’s wardrobe, her shoe collection alone sends my head into a spin.  She is not afraid to take risks with… Read more »

  • Romancing Camogli on the Italian Riviera..

    Glistening waters looking out to sea in Camogli Little hidden away surprises you will find in the intimate fishing village of Camogli Prodotti tipici di Camogli.. along the waters edge are the prettiest little local boutiques  Even the local cafe’s and bars have a romantic edge that draws you in….. Read more »

  • Have your portrait sketched in Rome..

      Have your portrait sketched at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome!   My sketched portrait The sketch artists at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome offer a great little treat that help to bring home memories from your stay, and there are the occasional in… Read more »

  • Floating on the traditional Gondolas in Venice..

    Traditional Gondola’s on the canals in Venice Such a glistening and extremely peaceful way to get about town Venice sings to you, no cars only the sound of the Gondoliers singing to put a smile on your face.. Bella Venezia and the tradition lives on.. I love Venice in the… Read more »

  • Unique Venetian Glass from Murano..

    Romantic streets in Venezia Contemporary opulence Happy life size clowns Sparkling chandeliers I saw this shop and thought of my sister, she would have loved these horses I love the warmth of the orange light After a while it all becomes a blur, there is so much glistening beauty and… Read more »

  • Beautiful Italian Coffee Table Books

    I am completely obsessed with coffee table books, I have piles of them on show in my home and anything new that comes to shelf that has anything to do with Italy or France never escapes my attention.  I wanted to share some of my all time Italian favourites with… Read more »

  • Beauty on Isola Di Ponza…

          The ride over to the beautiful island of Ponza looks just like the one to Capri.   Ponza is the largest of the Pontine islands in the Tyrrhenian sea off the west coast of Italy and is a renowned hot spot for locals especially the Roman’s who… Read more »

  • Fornillo in Positano – Amalfi Coast Italy

      Magical Fornillo beach in Positano Summer in Europe is starting to warm the appetite now and its time to start thinking of where to plan your Italian holiday. The beautiful Fornillo beach is a little hidden secret in Positano on the Amalfi Coast.  Most visitors in Positano hit the… Read more »