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  • Photographer Bill Cunningham… wonderful, honest, moving and a visual genius..

    Bill Cunningham is a photographer based in New York who photographs ‘street fashion’, I just had to share this wonderful documentary about a man who has lived his life his way, which is for the love of the way that real people on the street wear fashion, the originator of it… Read more »

  • Beautiful Amalfi Coast roadside Nativity always there to enjoy..

          The Nativity scenes that can be seen along the stunning Amalfi Coast drive are pretty magical, full of intricate detail, brightly coloured quaint little Christmas trinkets nestled into the rock faces.  So much time has been spent putting together these little villages and I just love the… Read more »

  • Christmas 2012 and its snowing in Milano..

            14th December 2012 and… its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The snow is dusting over the magnificent Duomo di Milano   Brrrrrrrrrr xmm    

  • Mounted Carabinieri in Rome’s Piazza di Siena, Villa Borghese

      Every year towards the end of May in Piazza di Siena in the heart of Ancient Rome there is a traditional four day event of show jumping that takes place.  This is supposably the sacred place of Italian horse riding.  On the final evening of the event each year… Read more »

  • Milan’s beautiful Duomo

    Milan’s Duomo Don’t by pass Milan when you next visiting Bella Italia.  Milan’s incredible Cathedral is mesmerising and the streets surrounding the piazza offer the most elite shopping experiences. I will get to the shops in Milan at a later stage as thats another entire episode, yet if you can… Read more »

  • Rome’s Colosseum.. Il Colosseo di Roma

        Rome’s Colosseum was the largest ever built amphitheatre in the Roman Empire and when it was in use  back in 80 AD supposedly it had the capacity to seat around 50,000 spectators, with such an aura it seems to be eternal having survived the fall of the Roman… Read more »

  • Thats Amore

      Click here to see.. THAT’S AMORE’ .. the earliest version of this legendary famous song!   A little hidden fact that Dean Martin never knew was that when filming ‘The Caddy’ in 1953, Jerry Lewis states that when he and Dean Martin were making the film, he secretly asked song writer… Read more »

  • Anna Dello Russo in her H&M fashion shower video

    Watch the ANNA DELLO RUSSO AT H&M – FASHION SHOWER VIDEO I love Anna Dello Russo, she really is so eccentric and so much fun in the world of fashion. I posted back in July on this stylish Italian woman, you can see the post.. here  where she talks about what… Read more »

  • An Island holiday on Lefkada in Greece

    Lefkada is an island in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece that has incredible rugged natural terrain, its a wonder more international tourists don’t know about this island, rather than the over  populated Santorini and Mikonos. If its nature and pure relaxation that you are after, no… Read more »

  • Bernini in the centre of Piazza Barberini

    There are so many memories in these two photos for me of my quaint little home here where I made some wonderful friends, and to be honest it was my home for not long enough in the beautiful historic centre of Rome.  Day and night Piazza Barberini is madly chaotic… Read more »

  • Giuliano Grittini – Kate Moss spectacular..

        Kate Moss by Giuliano Grittini   I adore this photographic art by Giuliano Grittini scawled with the famous Alda Merini poetry amongst a splash of neutral colours.  I have briefly written about this amazing photographer in the past yet I have never before shared this Kate Moss spectacular with you…. Read more »

  • Magnificent frescoes in Amalfi..

    Beautifully adorned frescoes – Amalfi Cathedral  The Cathedral of Amalfi I could have died and gone to heaven so many times over with the amount of magnificent frescoes I have seen throughout Italy, leaving me completely speechless with the unbelievable amount of intricate detail and wonderful colours that are present… Read more »