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  • Deliciously charming holiday read with a dash of romance and humour.. ‘Head Over Heel’

    Head Over Heel by Chris Harrison Such a lovely read at an easy pace if you are heading off to Italy or anywhere in the world for that matter.  Chris Harrison’s – Head Over Heel  book is great escapism and the perfect holiday read. For me this book brings back so many wonderful… Read more »

  • Il Limoncello from the South of Italy..

          Antichi Sapori d’Amalfi Limoncello is a lemon based liqueur made in Italy, mostly famous from the South of Italy near the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrento Peninsula and the coast of Amalfi.  Many other areas also produce the delicious drink along with local Italians also making it… Read more »

  • Dare to drive in Rome?

    Who would dare to drive in Rome? I wonder if you are on holidays why you want to drive in Rome?  My thoughts exactly!!!  I loved this photo of the policeman directing drivers around Piazza Venezia which would have to be one of the most chaotic roundabouts in the historical… Read more »

  • Take the Amalfi Coast drive…

    Hair-pin turns along the Amalfi Coast drive Its easy to unwind once you start the drive from Naples along the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, the views are spectacular, where the Tyrrhenian Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea offering sparkling blue waters that seem to stretch on for ever.  Not driving… Read more »

  • Rome’s amazingly beautiful and historic Tiber River ..

    Tiber River in Rome The Tiber river runs through the centre of ancient Rome and is one of the longest running rivers in Italy.  With the light reflecting at dusk and dawn the reflections are so pretty.  To me the Tiber river adds a sense of calmness to the ever… Read more »

  • Castel Sant’Angelo a Roma

    For some strange reason Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome was never top of my list to visit.  With Rome dominated by so many wonderfully historic and grand monuments such as the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum and so on, it never stood out to me as a must see, yet when I… Read more »

  • Da Adolfo restaurant on the beach in Positano…

    Ristorante Da Adolfo It took me a few visits to Positano to discover the delicious little restaurant ‘Da Adolfo’, next trip this is definitely a must go see, eat and soak up the sun visit on your agenda. From the main wharf in Positano, wait until you see the small… Read more »

  • Breakfast views in Positano are breathtaking..

    The impressive view from the rooftop terrace at Punta Regina hotel in Positano! What could be better than waking up to this breathtaking skyscraper panorama whilst enjoying platters of local fresh fruit, brioche, crusty bread with superb finely sliced salami, hams, local Italian cheeses and a morning expresso.. I can’t wait… Read more »

  • Antonello della Mura.. elegance in Positano..

    Antonello Della Mura36, V. Del Saracino – 84017 Positano Tucked away under the narrow white archways, past all the pretty local fashion is Antonello’s cool, elegant, sophisticated and exclusive boutique!  I am mad about ‘la moda’,  flowing and silky, for the beach or an evening dining out, Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast… Read more »

  • Visit Romes exceptionally chic and luxurious store GENTE..

    Gente a Roma In the heart of one of Rome’s most exclusive shopping streets Via del Babuino just off Piazza di Spagna is the newly renovated designer clad store Gente!  This heavenly boutique has resided half way down on the right hand side of  the street for many years yet… Read more »

  • Sailing the big blue waters – Costa Smeralda, Sardegna

        Crystal blue waters of Costa Smeralda Sardegna Italian paradise, come Summer I can’t think of a more paradisal place to be than here, sailing the big blue waters around the Northern coastal tip of Sardegna.  It has to be one of the most memorable places in Italy for… Read more »

  • Piazza San Marco glistening by day and night..

    If you have been to Venice you will know how charming Piazza San Marco is by day, at one end there is the great Church of Saint Mark or St. Marks Basilica that presents itself captivatingly in a birds eye view the moment you step foot out of any of… Read more »