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  • Sailing the big blue waters – Costa Smeralda, Sardegna

        Crystal blue waters of Costa Smeralda Sardegna Italian paradise, come Summer I can’t think of a more paradisal place to be than here, sailing the big blue waters around the Northern coastal tip of Sardegna.  It has to be one of the most memorable places in Italy for… Read more »

  • Piazza San Marco glistening by day and night..

    If you have been to Venice you will know how charming Piazza San Marco is by day, at one end there is the great Church of Saint Mark or St. Marks Basilica that presents itself captivatingly in a birds eye view the moment you step foot out of any of… Read more »

  • If it’s true.. follow your dreams to La Dolce Vita!

    Follow your dreams.. The magic of Federico Fellini comes to life in La Dolce Vita Life as Sylvia must have been wonderful..  But is it Marcello or Sylvia living La Dolce Vita?  You decide once you see this wonderful film, I know that we can all have the sweet life… Read more »

  • A quick lunch stop at Mimi e Coco Wine Bar in Rome

    Next time you are in Rome head over to Piazza Navona and take a turn onto Via del Governo Vecchio, walk at your leisure down this wonderful cobble stone street that has some great shops lined either side and stop in at Mimi e Coco Wine Bar for a huge… Read more »

  • There is so much more to Villa Borghese in the heart of Rome..

    High above the famous Spanish Steps and the wide spread Piazza del Popolo there is a panorama that stretches all the way across the top of the pointy roof tops and steeples of Rome’s centre.             So many memories of mine lay rested in the… Read more »

  • The wonderful world of Pinocchio..

    Copyright Melissa Martin Remember the wonderful story of ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’? Pinocchio is still alive and well and roaming the streets of Italy, originally from Florence the wonderful fictional children’s story book written by Italian author Carlo Collodi in 1883 of a hand carved wooden little boy named Pinocchio… Read more »

  • Castello Brown stands proud overlooking Portofino Bay

        High up on the hill in Portofino, right on the point overlooking the harbour is the elegant and very grand Castello Brown, an old defence castle dating back to the 15th Century that was used to protect the port.  Now the castle is a museum and is really… Read more »

  • Virgin Mary Rock Formation on the Amalfi Coast

      One of the many wonderful and surprising sites along the Amalfi Coast drive is a true vision of the Virgin Mary that looks to be holding a bouquet of flowers all in a rock formation when viewed from behind, standing proud protecting the beautiful stretch of seascape beyond.  Every… Read more »

  • My favourite reads by Frances Mayes

      On recent travels I took with me a book written by one of my favourite authors  Frances Mayes , ‘Bella Tuscany..The Sweet Life in Italy’  is the fourth book that I have read that has been written by this wonderfully talented author.  Each time I start to read another of her… Read more »

  • Sestri Levante – a beautiful seaside town on the Riviera

          Sestri Levante is a small seaside town on Italy’s Ligurian coast that sits about half way between the beautiful and unique Cinque Terre fishing villages and the affluent and well loved Portofino.  I recently visited this rustic and tranquil little fishing village and to my surprise I… Read more »

  • Rome’s charming drinking fountains…

      All over the streets and parks of Rome there are charming little public drinking fountains with a constant flow of water streaming out onto the pavement.  The question is always asked by tourists.. ‘is it safe to drink the water in Rome’.. and the answer is yes, this is… Read more »

  • Christmas Eve..walk the red carpet in Rome..

    Copyright Melissa Martin If you are lucky enough to be in Rome this Christmas Eve put your overcoat on, rug up and go for a walk around the  streets in front of the Piazza di Spagna, in via Mario de Fiori and via Bocca di Leone you will experience the… Read more »