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  • A sunburnt Roman evening sky..

    I love being in Rome at twilight and experiencing the fall of the sun in the evenings, watching the sunset being put to bed.. one of the most relaxing spots for me to soak it all up is sitting on the Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna (Trinita dei Monti) especially… Read more »

  • Amalfi Coast Ceramics

    I’d love to be back in Positano heaven right now, i’d be doing a little bit of local boutique shopping, sunning on a deck chair on the pebble waters edge and sipping on prosecco.  Every day I have the most pleasant reminder of Positano and the Amalfi Coast and of… Read more »

  • Cool entrance to an Italian warehouse style home in Florence

    Loved this entrance to a warehouse style home in Florence.  I am sure the whole external appearance doesn’t project exactly how I imagine the cool, contemporary interiors to look inside, yet it made me stop all the same with the casual and elegant slightly raised marble floor entrance off the… Read more »

  • Chocolat.. a little bit of French fantasy

    Chocolat Heaven awaits in this lovely film starting the magnificently feminine and talented actress Juliette Binoche, the iconic Dame Judi Dench and the heavenly handsome Johnny Depp!!!! Is that enough to melt your taste-buds?  This movie is so lovely, set in a breathtaking small town in Burgundy France, a fantasy… Read more »

  • Tuscany and its rolling hills with the beautiful Mediterranean Cypress..

    The rolling Tuscan hills really are everything you expect and so much more! I just had to share this wonderful perfect picturesque scene that I took from the train on my way through Bella Tuscany.  I am fascinated by the Mediterranean Cypress, they are the visionary symbol that you expect… Read more »

  • Boy with Frog by Charles Ray

    Guarding “Boy with Frog” in Venice       I wasn’t sure which one I was supposed to be staring at, the stiff looking guard or “Boy with Frog” by Charles Ray!  This type of contemporary work just wasn’t quite they type of art I expected to see on the… Read more »

  • Rome’s alluring Via Margutta

    Via Margutta is a small quite narrow street in the heart of Rome running between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna.  Behind the walls that line this pretty street is history from the middle ages, that  of many people who were skilled in creative activity of the arts, originally… Read more »

  • San Gimignano high up in the Tuscan hills..

    Outside the walls of the tiny medieval town of San Gimignano in Tuscany Wishing well in the main piazza On a quiet day walking through town, no tourists, just the occasional echo of the local banter from the sandstone walls The sun tries to appear yet is shaded by the… Read more »

  • Paris in Love ..

    Paris in Love by Eloisa James is the perfect holiday read, I happen to be reading it at the moment and unfortunately I’m not on holidays, which means that either way, its a relaxing easy read and great escapism. I think everyone dreams of dropping all responsibilities and running off to… Read more »

  • Positano boutique shopping..

    Pretty jewelled sandals Delicious scents from Carthusia, the fragrance originated on the Island of Capri on the Amalfi Coast. Half way up the hill charm Positano is a heavenly place to be and like all of the beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast it’s full of local charm, tiny boutiques… Read more »

  • Anna Dello Russo is so inspirational and seriously fun..

    Anna Dello Russo and H&M Its true that Italian women are inspirational around the world known for their elite sense of style, whether its classic, dramatic or just to have some fun, there are so many Italian women that inspire me in different ways to break the boundaries with my style,… Read more »

  • Giovanna Battaglia.. beauty.. style..

      My ultimate Style Icon is Giovanna Battaglia   A woman who exudes elegance, natural beauty, drive, quality and cutting edge AMAZING style!!!     If I could only have Giovanna’s wardrobe, her shoe collection alone sends my head into a spin.  She is not afraid to take risks with… Read more »