Castello Brown stands proud overlooking Portofino Bay


High up on the hill in Portofino, right on the point overlooking the harbour is the elegant and very grand Castello Brown, an old defence castle dating back to the 15th Century that was used to protect the port.  Now the castle is a museum and is really worth a visit even if just to enjoy the peaceful walk up the hill and the expansive panoramic views.
There are two walkways in and out of where the castle is located.  My last walk up through the bush and shrubs I was accompanied by a mischievous and very cute little golden coloured squirrel, he seemed to be darting in and out of the shrubs too quickly for me to take a snapshot and eventually got tired of my curiosity and disappeared yet he certainly sparked my interest to keep climbing to the top.

Stepping inside the castle walls felt to me like entering a film set of a fairytale similar to ‘The Princess and the Pea’, the entrance is so grand and elaborate yet mysterious, inviting and unbelievably bewitching all at once.  

With the castle being so prominently located, the calibre of artists exhibiting at the museum is of different extremes yet all of exceptional standards, eclectic sculptors and artists, one that stood out and an artist that has exhibited here many times over the years is Federico Schiaffino.  His sculptures and works of art almost moulded into the walls and scenery as if they had permanent residency. 
Wall to wall dark polished timber antiques on the first floor as you walk through to a small courtyard that overlooks the beautiful blue sea and was the perfect backdrop for this artists voluptuous shadow like sculptures.  Honestly stepping out onto the pebbles underneath pine trees overlooking the Ligurian Coast with these feminine figurines standing with the sunlight beaming directly behind them.. its difficult to describe the beauty of this setting.
Lining the smooth marble stairs to the second floor are intricate detailed tiles and there is an eeriness to the atmosphere. The exhibition ends on the first floor and up above on the second there is a barren hallway that is cornered with large ceramic water urns and door ways that lead off into empty soft pink rooms each with window shutters that open to let the fresh breeze and natural sunlight in. Wall hangings are randomly scattered in each room with black and white images of legendary visitors to Portofino Bay.  Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier arrived on a boat with their young children,  slight and classical beauty Audrey Hepburn, Prince Philip and other famous faces have for years graced this breathtaking  fishing port.
A little secret.. it is possible to get married here!!!!! Shhhhhh 




On the path way out of heaven a thrill of excitement came over me when I asked the ticket holder standing at the entrance to the door who the chateau or small royal like castle in the bushes below belonged to, well… once I found out it was hard to tear me away, in fact I was told close to dusk that I had to leave and get down the hill, apparently they were closing and it was not safe to walk down in the dark, the park was also closing its gates and it was time for me to leave.  I was so determined to see the legendary duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who’s to say if they were there or not, yet the shutters never opened and their good friend Kylie Minogue never appeared on their balcony.
The stunning rippling waters below reflect the sunshine, Castello Brown and all that it surrounds..
Farewell for now to bewitching Castello Brown , its wonderful exhibitions 
and a sneak peak at the private walls belonging to Dolce and Gabbana