Christmas Eve..walk the red carpet in Rome..

Copyright Melissa Martin

If you are lucky enough to be in Rome this Christmas Eve put your overcoat on, rug up and go for a walk around the  streets in front of the Piazza di Spagna, in via Mario de Fiori and via Bocca di Leone you will experience the magic of Christmas.  Normally in Sydney on the nights leading up to Christmas most suburbs have a street where home owners go far and beyond in the spirit of Christmas, your childhood fantasies can be awakened with gardens filled with brightly lit reindeers and angels, all types of Christmas silhouettes, inflatable Santas, twinkling lights and large red and white candy sticks.  Rome was a little different to what I was used to and surprised me with premier lined cobble stones, walk the red carpet under twinkling fairy lights, the designer window’s are lit up with festive displays and I really enjoy simply people watching, seeing others soak up the atmosphere alongside me dressed in their elegant long overcoats and leather gloves to keep out the winter chill. Christmas in Rome.. Elegance and warmth. xmm