Da Adolfo restaurant on the beach in Positano…

Ristorante Da Adolfo

It took me a few visits to Positano to discover the delicious little restaurant ‘Da Adolfo’, next trip this is definitely a must go see, eat and soak up the sun visit on your agenda. From the main wharf in Positano, wait until you see the small boat with the little red fish standing proud on the mast, the return both ways from Da Adolfo to Positano and back is about every 40 minutes.  Send a big smile in his direction and the friendly local tanned driver will scoop you up to take you to this little slice of heaven for the day, afternoon or just for lunch if you prefer.  The boat ride over is spectacular and will allow you to see the plunging rock face side of the coast that is not possible to see from where you are staying in the heart of Positano.

Positioned in between Praiano and Positano’s main beach, the address still Positano on the extraordinary Amalfi Coast, Da Adolfo restaurant is detached from everything fast paced and just sits quietly on its own little beach serving up delightfully colourful plates of mouth watering seafood, bowls of home made pasta and tumblers full of light local crisp wine.  The restaurant is often crowded with locals and has its regulars, during the month of August it is packed with Italians on holiday which is always a great sign. The owners and staff are delightful too, this is not a fancy dress bunch yet rather a bikini clad crowd dressed to enjoy the low key yet charismatic and light atmosphere.

After lunch sleepily fall onto one of the deck chairs on the pebble rocks in front of the restaurant at the waters edge.  You will be told when the last boat is returning to the main beach so just relax to your hearts content, I love visiting Da Adolfo and will continue to go there each and every time I visit Positano.

This is another love love love…

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