Hand painted ceramics in San Gimignano







Check out all of the delicate brightly coloured hand painted ceramics that I found up in the Tuscan hills in the medieval town of San Gimignano.  The day I arrived I missed the mass crowds and was able to ponder for a few hours with literally hardly anyone in sight.  There were vases, outdoor tables, door knobs, crockery, cutlery, side dishes, tea sets, jugs all the way down to the tiniest thimble, practically anything homey that you could think of they make.  Yellows, blues, greens and reds all brightly swished together to formulate the most alluring Tuscan scenes.  I love collecting the odd piece as a stand out in the kitchen or a wonderful bright yellow & blue bowl in the centre of the table filled with crisp lettuce leaves surrounded by a classic white dinner set.  That one important focal pretty piece.
The Leoncini family have lived in San Gimignano for generations and have two wonderful shops in town that display floor to ceiling delicacies for your home.  Pete and I were in awe of the colours, it’s funny when you are submerged amongst nothing yet the ceramics themselves all around you in one of the showrooms, for some reason we wanted to squeeze it all into our carry bags and ship it all home which I know would have been a little on the overload once it arrived on the doorstep.  Products that the family have been making for generations, handed down to their sons and daughters with care and pride.  The town itself is magnificent, a tiny little town way up on the hill famous for its towers and surrounded by large walls set amongst the Tuscan countryside.  Definitely worth a visit and only a short drive from FLORENCE
xmm @ IAT