Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina.. Roma


One of my favourite piazza’s in Rome is the small and elegant Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, a triangular piazza with only a few designer shops, this little hub has now turned into an exclusive one with top names residing in pint size boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta , the wonderful Cafe Ciampini specialising in offering a relaxed Roman experience with chairs and tables in the centre of the piazza under wide cream canvas umbrellas, smart waiters deliver your every request from the menu and a specialty is their gelato bar, try the Gelato Tartufo!
I always walk through this little piazza, it takes me from Piazza di Spagna winding around the back streets through to my favourite ski shop, perfume and cosmetic store, past the famous Giolitti (gelato) shop and around to the Pantheon.
When I was on my way to see Mario Testinos Todo o Nada exhibition in the historic Palazzo Ruspoli that sits just on the side of the piazza fronting onto Via del Corso (a main shopping street with chain stores galore), I cruised into the smaller version Louis Vuitton store to eyeball off the luxury goods when the few staff in the store and I heard a huge blast of a trumpet and pounding of a drum, it was the forever elegantly adorned Carabinieri band bashing out a few tunes outside the police station headquarters in the piazza.  Their uniforms so elegant, more than anywhere else in the world, in Winter I was told that their long black and red capes are made by Armani yet I’m not so sure these everyday uniforms are so designer inspired even though they certainly look the part.  We all raced outside the shop to watch their performance surrounded by locals and tourists snapping their camera’s alongside mine.  
The Carabinieri make such a charming photo. xmm