Rome – Salotto 42 in Piazza di Pietra

Salotto 42 is where local fashionista corporates head for aperitivo hour after work on a Thursday or Friday early evening.  Step inside to be greeted by exceptionally easy on the eye bar staff who will make you in my opinion the best caprioska and bellini in Rome.  Lounge back into the comfy sofas, sip on a cocktail and enjoy their delicious display of antipasto.  Famous faces such as Ben Stiller and Eva Mendes to name a few have visited this tiny den so if you are luck enough you may be in good company.  Or if you really feel like getting amongst it stand outside with the local elegantly clad Gucci crowd in Piazza di Pietra, across from the bar stands the magnificent ancient Temple Hadrian that will take your breath away.  The temple is now used for conferences and the occasional art exhibition, yet to be standing sipping on an early evening drink in this narrow world famous piazza on a crisp clear evening with such a grand backdrop enjoying the company of friends is something you will never forget.
Piazza di Pietra can be found in the centre of Rome along the narrow walk between the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona. xmm

Piazza di Pietra a Roma