Sailing the big blue waters – Costa Smeralda, Sardegna



Crystal blue waters of Costa Smeralda Sardegna

Italian paradise, come Summer I can’t think of a more paradisal place to be than here, sailing the big blue waters around the Northern coastal tip of Sardegna.  It has to be one of the most memorable places in Italy for me, sipping on cocktails with friends from dusk till dawn at the bar outside on the wharf in Porto Cervo, followed by a morning wake up call and early morning espresso, then with a hazy head set off on the crystal clear waters surrounding the Northern tip of Sardegna.  My head became as clear as the waters I was sailing on as soon as we arrived in La Maddalena which is a part of a National Park on the beautiful Costa Smeralda.
Take a stroll around the waters edge in Porto Cervo to soak up the glorious atmosphere here.  Porto Cervo is a very exclusive area that attracts local and international famous faces every summer and is also host to many important sailing races such as the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 
The creme de la creme of rocky mountain to big blue sea escape – Costa Smeralda!
There has to be a point in everyones life where they remember being somewhere so special, somewhere on the face of the earth where it felt like you were on cloud nine, in sheer paradise with a complete absence of anything depraved. Such memories are to be treasured, this is why it is so difficult for so many to stay away from bella Italia.  Whether it’s the canals in Venice, Rome’s cobble stone lane ways and grandest of stony faced fountains, the irresistible charm of the Amalfi Coast, or the wide stretched everlasting Tuscan country side, there is somewhere and something for everyone in Italy.  
I became a water girl ever since growing up on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, so the big blue is pretty meaningful to my daily existence, this is probably the reason that the pristine blue sea in Costa Smeralda Sardegna took my breath away so convincingly,  the depths of the crystal clear waters seem immeasurable, the smooth granite cliff faces seem so undisturbed, and the salty water on my skin always reminds me of my childhood.
The centre hub in Costa Smeralda is Porto Cervo, and then there is the slightly lower quay Porto Rotondo which is also beautiful for a shopping trip or lunch yet the beaches on the coastal tip are the draw card, and the best way to see them is to go sailing for a day.  One of the most beautiful beaches to sail past is Spiaggia Rosa or the Pink Beach namely so due to the colour of the sand being a pink coral colour which comes about from microscopic fragments of coral and shells, now a days you are not allowed to actually step foot on the beach and must admire it from a far so that the crushing of footsteps on the beach does not remove or damage what is left of this beautiful sandy paradise.  Its unfathomable to think that people used to take the sand with them as souvenirs, surely a photograph or the vivid memory of such a beautiful place would have been sufficient.
Other wonderful beaches that run right along Costa Smeralda and are all so special in their own unique way are Spiaggia Del Principe, Cala Granu, Spiaggia di Romazzino, Capriccioli, Liscia Ruia, Razza di Juncu, La Rena Bianca, Marinella, Spiaggia Dei Sassi, Cala Moresca and Spiaggia Bianca.


Words can describe the beauty of Sardegna, dawn until dusk on the magnificent waters surrounding the largest island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. 


xmm @ IAT