Delivering Italy to your door, culinary dreams come to life with our authentic Italian Food & Wine Boxes!

We now deliver the Best of Italy’s local Food & Wine products around the world.  Italian Allure Travel Food & Wine Gift Boxes are full of carefully sourced delicacies from some of the best producers in Italy!  Choose from a selection of delightful Italian Gift Boxes full of authentic, high-quality, delicious local products. You can view the selection of boxes below. Send us an email with your preferred options. Cost and delivery times will be provided at the time of your enquiry.

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  • Gift Box for Pasta Lovers

    Pasta Lovers Food Gift Box

    - Spaghetti Pasta, 1 kg
    - Le Ruote Pazze Pasta, 500 gr
    - Paccheri Pasta, 500 gr
    - Trofie Pasta, 500 gr
    - Pesto Genovese Sauce, 180 gr
    - Porcini Mushroom Sauce, 190 gr
    - Pistacchio Pesto Sauce, 190 gr
    - Tomato and Olive Sauce, 500 gr

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  • A Journey through Italy

    Family celebrating with lunch at traditional rustic stonebuilt cottage in Italy - Gift Boxes fresh local produce

    - Classic Penne Pasta, 1 kg
    - Whole Tomatoes in Tomato Sauce made from tomatoes of Piennolo del Vesuvio D.O.P, 520 gr
    - Classic Taralli, 400 gr
    - Extra Virgin Taggiasca Olive Oil, 500ml
    - Parmigiano Reggiano, 500 gr
    - Baby Pandolce, 200 gr

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  • A taste of Italy – Northern Side

    A taste of Italy - a big nice white truffle on the scales

    - Fusilli Pasta, 1 kg
    - Rice Gran Riserva, 1 kg
    - Bruschetta Ligure Spread, 180 gr
    - Sugo di Mezzanotte (tomato sauce with a bit of spice), 190 gr
    - Cream of Parmigiano Reggiano and Truffles, 90 gr
    - Baci di dama, “Lady’s kisses” biscuits, 320 gr

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  • A taste of Italy – Southern Side

    A Taste of Southern Italy Gift Boxes

    - Le Ruote Pazze Pasta, 500 gr
    - Sugo Arrabbiata (tomato Sauce with a bit of hot chilli pepper), 500 gr
    - Classic Taralli, 400 gr
    - Agrumate, Leccino olives with citrus peels in extra virgin olive oil, 260 gr
    - Butter Cookies with - - Sicilian Lemon flavour, Marchesi di San Giuliano, 200 gr
    - Chocolate from Siracusa, with lemon zest and mint flavours, 50 gr

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  • Spring & Summer Wine Vibes


    - Abruzzo Doc Passerina, Tenuta Terraviva
    A delicate, flowery, and fruity white wine with a pleasingly fresh and fragrant taste. Great as an aperitif wine or paired with delicate dishes.

    - IGT Bianco Toscana, L’erta Di Radda
    Made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes, a well-balanced Tuscan white wine born in the area of Chianti Classico; it has a fresh and floral taste.

    - Sudtirol Doc Goldenmuskateller, Azienda Thurnhof
    A dry, aromatic, well-structured wine with unique character. Great for an aperitif, cheeses and spicy dishes.

    - Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut, Riva Dei Fiori, Azienda Agricola Lorenzo Montesel
    A family Prosecco. The Montesel’s are a family of winemakers that have curated its spumante for generations as if it was their child. Clean and fragrant, fresh and satisfying.

    - Valtanenesi Doc Chiaretto La Moglie Ubriaca, La Basia
    A rosè wine from Groppello, Barbera, Marzemino and Sangiovese grapes. This wine has a fresh and lively taste, which goes well with starters and fish dishes.

    - Sangiovese Superiore Di Romagna Doc Porcaloca!, Cantina San Biagio Vecchio
    A red, organic wine from the Sangiovese grapes with scents of red berry fruits, and in your mouth is fresh, smooth and very pleasing. Matches well with many dishes like pasta and risotto, hams and other cold cuts, cheeses and meats.

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  • Classic Famous Italian Red Wines

    Best of Italy Food & Wine shipped to your doorstep

    - Barbera D’asti Docg San Sabastian, Dacapo
    A fruity and carefree red, pleasant but not trivial; it has great freshness and balanced tannins. Pairs well with cold cuts, red, grilled meats and middle-aged cheeses.

    - Nero D’avola Doc Vurria Sicilia, Di Giovanna
    A round, soft and velvety red, with hints of wild berries, plums and sweet spices. Great with stewed meats, venison, and mushrooms.

    - Chianti Superiore Docg La Casina Di Badia, Sorelle Palazzi
    A very typical and well-structured Sangiovese, with aromas of red fruits and spices. Pair it with elaborate dishes, grilled and stewed meats and vegetable pies.

    - Montepulciano D’abruzzo Colline Teramane Docg Terraviva, Tenuta Terraviva
    A rather intense red with aromas of ripe fruit and hints of dark cherries, plums and wild berries. A full-body wine, which goes well with meat sauces and grilled or roasted meats.

    - Merlot Docg Collio, Gradis’ Ciutta
    A ruby red with an intense and slightly herbaceous aroma, with hints of wild berries. Slightly bitter, yet is harmonious, delicate and well structured.

    - Vino Rosso Pantun Di Mimmo Caragnano, Cantina Pantun
    A red that is complex, full-bodied and elegant. A great drinking and pleasing wine. Pairs well with many dishes, above all grilled and stewed meats.

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  • Reds & White Wines of Italy

    - Umbria Rosso Della Gobba, Azienda Agricola Raina
    A red from Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Sagrantino grapes, cultivated with biodynamic awareness. A sip of local authenticity.

    - Umbria Peschiera Di Pacino, Azienda Agricola Raina
    A fresh and easy to drink white wine. Great to pair with salads, soft cheeses, fish and rice dishes.

    - Toscana Bianco Prunecchio, Azienda Agricola Fattoria Sammontana
    An organically grown wine from Malvasia, Trebbiano Toscano and Sauvignon grapes. Unfiltered and refreshing, a true white that convinces with its authenticity of the land.

    - Chianti, Azienda Agricola Fattoria Sammontana
    An uncompromising Chianti, genuine, and rustic from Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes which are handpicked and organically conducted. A Chianti that speaks the Tuscan dialect, made to celebrate the traditions and not the global market.

    - Gatto Nero Igt Terre Siciliane, Funaro
    A union of Nero d’Avola, Syrah and Merlot grapes. It is an organic wine that offers intense flavors of forest fruits and liquorice which goes well with red meats, ragu sauces, and many international dishes rich in flavor.

    - Gatto Bianco Terre Siciliance, Funaro
    An organic white wine, with elegant aroma, extremely fresh and rich in flavor.

    - Merlot Veronese Igt, Azienda Agricola Monte Del Fra’
    A full-body and pleasantly harmonious and elegant red. Goes well with hamburgers and other meats, cold cuts or medium-aged cheeses.

    - Custoza Doc, Azienda Agricola Monte Del Fra’
    A light, aromatic dry wine, rich in aromas, a great wine for the spring and summer months. A well-balanced wine to pair with different pasta and rice dishes or an aperitif.

    - Novementi Bianco Puglia, Menhir Salento
    A rare white blend of Malvasia and Verdeca grapes, giving a fruity, yet mineral taste. Pleasantly fresh.

    - Primitivo Quota 29 Igt Salento, Menhir Salento
    A ruby full body red, really well-balanced between soft and tannic sensations, with a remarkable scent of liquorice. Great with aged cheeses and grilled meats.

    - Trebbiano D’abbruzzo Doc Colle Morino, Fratelli Di Barba
    Simple and fresh. Great for an aperitif or with fish.

    - Montepulciano D’abruzzo Colle Morino, Fratelli Di Barba
    A classic and versatile red. Pairs well with cheeses, and red meats.

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