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Discover the best of Italy with our self guided shopping and walking tours, all completely unique in that they will allow you to enjoy your endless days roaming Italy’s cobble stone streets at your own pace.

Use your valuable time in Italy wisely, with local knowledge be guided around the many beautiful cities to discover elegant restaurants, cool bars and cafes, famous monuments,  scenic parks, and be guided to discover Italy’s best local and international designer boutiques.

The benefits of a self guided tour are travelling in ‘your’ time, have the flexibility of deciding what really counts for ‘you’, and discover the hidden secrets of Italy with valuable local knowledge at your own leisure. Forget having to do any research, we have done it all for you!

Simply download the beautiful colour keepsake hand made maps, content and you are on your way.  Exclusive printable hand made maps of your memorable walks in Italy!

Keep checking for more self guide tours that will be ‘coming soon’

SHOP these cities…

  • Rome

    Walking and Shopping tours of Rome

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  • Florence..coming soon

  • Venice….coming soon

  • Milan ….coming soon