The wonderful world of Pinocchio..

Copyright Melissa Martin

Remember the wonderful story of ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’?

Pinocchio is still alive and well and roaming the streets of Italy, originally from Florence the wonderful fictional children’s story book written by Italian author Carlo Collodi in 1883 of a hand carved wooden little boy named Pinocchio who was made in a small workshop owned by Geppetto, a poor woodcarver from Florence.  I love this classic story that follows the adventures of the mischievous wooden puppet Pinocchio who comes alive one day and we are then lucky enough to follow his adventures growing up.  
There are Pinocchio shops all over Italy and I feel like a child again every time I step foot inside one of the stores.  On my last visit to my favourite store in Rome that sits just off Piazza di Pietra,  I bought the most beautiful presents for my precious little nieces and nephew, delicate hand crafted clocks to hang on the wall, jewellery boxes and fridge magnets with a few thrown in for my own keep sake and memories.  I even bought myself one small and one large hand carved Pinocchio doll that I just couldn’t resist, the small doll hung on my Christmas tree this year and the large.. he is a little hidden at the moment yet ready to re-appear any day soon.
So you see its not just for the kids, these beautiful little shops have something for everyone, next time perhaps I will get the kids names carved on plaques for their bedroom doors.. adorable! xmm