Via dell’Amore

Via dell’Amore is the walk of love, where else but in Italy would you find a walk of love I ask, its synonymous to how Italy is perceived.   When I heard that there was a walk of love my curiosity set in and I had to go and see it for myself.  These steel figurines kiss as you enter the tunnel, they reflect onto the wall behind from the sun that shines brightly through each archway looking out to sea.  The tunnel has one of the most spectacular views along the cliff face of the Italian Riviera located in the Cinque Terre.  Engraved padlocks cement lovers from all around the world into this Italian hall of fame, and as you walk even though you are surrounded by cement you can feel why this peculiar tunnel of love is so memorable lined with graffiti messages from the heart such as ‘Marta ti amo’ or ‘Marta I love you’ inscribed all over the walls until you reach the other end.  I imagine that this is not the only walk of love in Italy yet it’s the only one I have visited and I say go, its such a pretty picture! xmm