Villa Doria Pamphili a Roma..

Villa Doria Pamphili

After meeting the head of one of the Pamphili households and her 4 children at their home in the centre of Rome, I had to find out more about this family who are historically entrenched in the Catholic church and are famous throughout.  The Palazzo Doria Pamphili is a spectacular art gallery showcasing Italy’s finest including Caravaggio, Annibale Carracci and many more incredible artists.  
Just a short tram ride across the Lungotevere river is a wide spread luscious green park and standing proud in the centre of the park is the seventeenth century ‘Villa Doria Pamphili’, one of their old family villas, pruned to perfection.  This now public park is great for a family weekend picnic in the sun or an afternoon stroll set up on the hill in one of Rome’s quieter suburb’s Monteverde.  If I were to live in Rome again Monteverde would definitely get a look in.  Visiting the park and gallery will offer you just a slice of this grand Italian history. xmm