Visit Romes exceptionally chic and luxurious store GENTE..

Gente a Roma

In the heart of one of Rome’s most exclusive shopping streets Via del Babuino just off Piazza di Spagna is the newly renovated designer clad store Gente!  This heavenly boutique has resided half way down on the right hand side of  the street for many years yet expansion took place last year and the collection of designer labels from around the world has multiplied with even more stunning brand names that epitomise visionary and legendary iconic fashion.

French haute-couture name Vionnet was my latest find that I fell in love with, and of coarse there is always a brilliant selection of luxurious scarves by Faliero Sarti , 100% cashmere, the finest and most silky ever!  These scarves are some of the best in the world, well they are to me anyway, I can’t get enough of them.

I have always popped in store to find my latest Chloe fix, there is still no Chloe store in Rome so if you are after the best selection of Chloe’s divine handbags and other luxuries this is the place to visit.  You can find Prada, Marni and an extraordinary extension of other eclectic and indulgent labels inside Gente.  An exceptional shopping experience with surprisingly helpful staff that can potentially make it a very serious visit if you need to be careful not to burn too bigger hole in the credit card.

I adore Gente in the centre of Rome, its the ultimate collection of cutting edge luxurious designer labels, heaven in a store!!!!! Xmm

Via del Babuino, 81

Photo copyright Melissa Martin