10 Exclusive Cooking & Culinary Experiences in unique locations in Sicily

Discover the unforgettable flavours of Sicilian cuisine in some of Sicily’s most unique and beautiful locations. Providing exclusive private cooking experiences throughout Sicily! We start with.. 

We invite you to meet a truly wonderful chef at his 1 Michelin star restaurant in Taormina. Pietro opens the doors of his star awarded kitchen to enthusiastic cooks and reveals the secrets of traditional, Sicilian dishes revisited with his art and professionalism.

Be guided by the Chef who will oversee the cooking lesson, illustrating the best techniques to handle and cook the dishes freely adapted and designed by the new “chefs for one day”.  Through the interplay of flavours and senses, the kitchen will become a stage where team dynamics, leadership skills and the ability to find solutions quickly will be put into play. Lunch or dinner with beverages is included. Duration: 3-4 hours


Experience an authentic culinary lesson surrounded by the elegance of a Historical House in Taormina. An experience that will take you back in time, discovering ancient flavours and traditions.

Visit a private and historical Villa whose well known dining room is the only interior in the world entirely designed by Sir Frank Brangwyn, a member of the prestigious Royal Accademy of British Artists, and one of the first decorators of Louis Confort Tiffany, inventor, together with Gaudì, of Art Nouveau. The small dining room hosted heads of state, politicians, artists and intellectuals, from the beginning of the 19th century up to nowadays.

The Villa has a long tradition of Sicilian cuisine, with the first owner, the British artist Robert Kitson, who had the last Monsù of Taormina, then with Daphne and Concetta, who have experienced wonderful Sicilian cuisine with some English flavours. Now for you, in the best historical tradition of Sicily – Nino, Concetta’s son, well-renowned Chef, together with his brigade will introduce the history of Sicily through its cuisine. Duration: 5 hours 


Located at a prestigious MOUNT ETNA winery who’s wines are some of the most awarded in Sicily. 

Admire the huge Palmento, the typical Etnean millstone from the 19th century and walk among the ancient vines that are grown on an extinct vulcano, Monte Serra. Arrive at the winery for a tour with the Benanti’s family, then enjoy a hands-on pasta cooking class Guided by our chefs. Guests learn how to make pasta from scratch and the most traditional shapes used in Sicily: maccheroni, busiate, cavatelli, ravioli and tortelli.  The flour used in our class is organic and made only by using local wheat.

After the pasta, learn how to prepare a typical Etnean sauce or pesto, such as mushrooms and sausages ragout with wild fennel seeds, a pesto with roasted chestnuts or a delicious tomato sauce with basil and ricotta salata cheese. Finally our chef demonstrates how to make the famous cannolo siciliano: a crunchy pastry filled with mouth-watering ricotta cheese cream and chocolate, garnish with pistachio and candied fruits.  Lunch is served with delicious wines. Duration: 4/5 hours 


Modica is well known for its baroque charms and its distinctive chocolate, and visitors are now flocking to the city for its outstanding restaurants. Spend the afternoon in one of Modica’s most popular kitchens for a cooking class. Modica is one of southeastern Sicily’s baroque gems! 

One of the newest stars on the city’s vibrant restaurant scene is Chef Accursio Capraro 1* Micheline starred, a charming restaurant located on a quiet side street in the hilltop district of Modica. Tradition Sicilian dishes with a contemporary interpretation. All ingredients used are from a select group of extraordinary local farmers. Learn the secrets of gestures that have been passed on through generations and get a closer look at the richness of the great island’s culinary heritage, we offer the chance to take part in an intense cooking class, discovering the authentic expression of the territory. Duration: 3 hours


In Sicily, the wood oven has always been an important part of the community, where moments of joy and sharing with friends and family are celebrated surrounding the oven. With the “Sicanian Famiata” we offer to our guests the opportunity to experience this tradition, to recreate a moment of joy, preparing, chatting, drinking and enjoying good Sicanian food and wine.

In the Sicilian language the verb “Famiare” means to light a big flame in the oven until the top turns white. That’s the sign that the oven is ready. We will prepare “miscati” and “scacciati”. The first are sheets of hard wheat dough, rolled or twisted, and filled with potatoes, black olives, sausage and onion, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. The “scacciati” are hard wheat flour little pizzas, where you indent the dough with your fingers to allow the olive oil to settle in, seasoned with spiced tomato sauce, garlic, anchovies and grated pecorino.  Our Guests participate in the various phases, from the preparation and rolling of the dough, to the seasoning and the baking.  Lunch or dinner will follow and include other seasonal dishes such as “maccudi fave” (smashed fava bean soup) or other soups. Your meal will be served with high quality Sicanian wine. Duration: 4/5 hours


Enjoy a true taste of Italy in the home of an Italian Nonna.

You will dine in the company of Nonna Vittoria, an Italian grandmother who lives in Palermo. In addition to enjoying authentic Italian dishes, you will hear the tale of her wayfaring Italian famiglia.  You’ll learn why her family moved from Turin to California and then back again to Italy for the love of the country, the food and its nonna. This delicious evening pairs a rustic Italian feast with an intimate personal connection, served with the warmth that only an Italian grandma can create. Duration: 3 hours


Walk the streets of Palermo with your Chef to a historical fresh food market before learning to make delicious traditional dishes.

At 9:30 a.m. in the morning meet our Chef at “Piazza Massimo” where you will then enjoying a beautiful walk through the streets of Palermo. The lesson begins at the historic Market “Capo” in Palermo.  You will be welcomed with a story about the origins of the food used to prepare traditional recipes of Sicilian cuisine. After a nice walking through the historical market and having experienced places and food, through the detailed story of the hosts, guests will be welcomed in the historic centre, “Piazza Marina”, “Palazzo Dagnino”, in front of “Palazzo Steri”, into a home surrounded and embracing secular magnolia. The lesson, with its own narrative and explanation of the recipes, will end with a convivial lunch of culture and food exchange. Duration: 6 hours 

8.COOKING CLASS IN PALERMO with a visit to a food market and street food tasting

Once you meet the chef, he will lead you to a historical and popular open-air market in Palermo where you will purchase the necessary ingredients to prepare your meal.

Along the way you will taste some of Palermo’s most typical delights such as “panelle” fritters of chickpea and “pane con la milza” bread with spleen. The cooking class is held in a typical Sicilian restaurant and the dishes you will have prepared will be served with good Sicilian wine and desserts of the Sicilian pastry tradition. Duration: 4/5 hours 

9.COOKING CLASS WITH THE DUCHESS and visit to a local Food Market – PALERMO

A Culinary and Cultural Experience in an 18th Century Palazzo by the Sea. Experience a day cooking with a Duchess, this is a once in a lifetime cooking lesson in an extraordinary location, an 18th century palazzo by the sea.

In the morning, Nicoletta will take you to a colourful local open-air market, this is a very popular experience in Sicily, where you will buy fresh seasonal ingredients. This will be followed by a quick walk through the streets of Palermo, one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean Sea, to admire the magnificent baroque style plaza of the Quattro Canti, the luxurious exuberance of Piazza Marina Garden and the majesty of the Norman Palazzo Chiaramonte.

The cooking class will be held in an extraordinary location, an 18th century palace by the sea. The Duchess will teach you how to create a whole Sicilian menu in a spacious kitchen where the old copper pots with the shiny blue and white Sicilian tiles create a magical atmosphere. After lunch in the elegant dining room, there will be a tour of the lush terrace and the beautifully restored palace, the last home of Prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the world-famous novel “Il Gattopardo”. Duration: 4 hours 

10.PESCHERIA MARKET TOUR and TRADITIONAL CUISINE – Cooking in 2 different locations – CATANIA 

A. House-Museum Società Storica Catanese

Meet the chef at Piazza Duomo in Catania for a visit at Pescheria Market before to start the cooking class. The historic house museum is an amazing venue set right in the historic centre of Catania. From its balconies you can admire Via Etnea, with a view that goes from South to North, from Piazza Duomo to the Volcano Etna. The museum houses a library with thousands of books – including texts from the 16th century – collections of photographs, antiques, old furniture and a kitchen from the 19th century: a place that brings together culture, history and cuisine.

B. Palazzo Asmundo di Gisira ART MARKET LIVING BOUTIQUE – Kitchen and Roof Garden

Meet the chef at Piazza Duomo in Catania for a visit to Pescheria Market before commencing the cooking class. Guided visit of the historical fish market, a piscaria, a lively and authentic food market for Shopping and food tasting. The class is guided by our chefs and includes the preparation of a full course menu with recipes inspired by Sicilian and Catanese traditional cuisine, such as maccheroni pasta – made by using organic and local flour flavoured with tomato sauce, fried aubergines, basil, ricotta salata cheese and almonds; fish roulade in lemon leaf or free-range chicken alla Rita with capers, green olives, mint, sweet and sour sauce; roasted pepper salad with garlic and basil, and so on… Duration: 4/5 hours 

Discover the unforgettable flavours of Sicilian cuisine in some of Sicily’s most unique and beautiful locations.  Providing exclusive private cooking experiences throughout Sicily. Private drivers available for all experiences and will be quoted at the time of your enquiry. 

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