Umbria Luxury Properties

We offer a very large selection of luxury private villas and apartments throughout Italy, you will not find the majority of properties on our website. What you see on the Italian Allure Travel website is a small example of the types of properties that we offer.

Please contact us ( ) to discuss viewing the unique range of Villas available, we will present properties that are relative to your individual requirements.

Our concierge in each location will assist you with special requests while you are staying in our villas.

Luxury Castle Torre in Umbria
Exclusive elegant medieval residence in the heart of Umbria, Italy

Savour the fairytale atmosphere of the 14th century in this historic castle surrounded by the lush Umbrian hills in central Italy. An architectural treasure dating from the 1300’s which has been transformed into a one of the most unique and unforgettable historic residences in Umbria. 

Sleeps 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 5

Ideal for exclusive private weddings and events, two main buildings connected by a large terrace, the watchtower is a 32 meter-high pentagon. Features a private chapel, swimming pool and exclusive large internal courtyard, a perfect venue for a private reception, surrounded by the dramatic castle walls.

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