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Italian Allure Travel provide luxury concierge services and extremely bespoke highly tuned private travel for an international clientele seeking first-class experiences in Italy.

We pride ourselves on creating the Italian Dream, almost anything is possible on request.

Note from the founder: 

“There is nothing more alluring than the style, simplicity and sophistication of all things Italian.

I fell in love with Italy over 14 years ago on a whirlwind six-week holiday exploring the most famous regions of Italy from north to south. I fell deeply in love with every part of Italy along the way, the people that I met and the Italian day-to-day way of life. From Lake Como to Venice, the breathtaking beauty of the Italian Riviera, the rolling hills and the medieval towns of Tuscany, Italy’s magical islands, captivating villages and the hairpin turns along the Amalfi Coast.

Ancient Rome was the city that stole my heart, so the following year I took off to live there and immerse myself in its culture. Rome instantly adopted me and drew me in with its breathtaking architecture, ancient history and the down to earth Roman way of life.

Every destination in Italy is filled with beautiful quaint little cobble stone streets, magnificent villas, impressive architecture and some of the kindest and most welcoming people. My love for all things Italian lead me to design bespoke luxury travel experiences with the aim of helping you to enjoy the very best of Italy.”

Melissa Martin – Founder 

Providing luxury concierge and VIP services tailored to individual requests.

Italian Allure Travel will help you to experience the alluring beauty that Italy has to offer.

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Mission Statement

Italian Allure Travel provide first-class bespoke luxury concierge services in Italy.  We are not a travel agency, we offer everything from 5 Star luxury hotel reservations with the best rate offers and tailored inclusions for a VIP experience, we work directly with property owners to provide exquisite villas and apartments in all locations and offer exclusive private tours and services throughout Italy.