Sicily Accommodation

Sicily is renowned as being one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Layers of Italian history and culinary traditions, ancient ruins and breathtaking little seaside villages where you can soak up the warm coastal atmosphere. We also take you to Pantelleria. 


Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea – Taormina
5 Star Luxury Exclusive Waterfront Retreat

Located on one of Italy’s most beautiful private beaches, on Sicily’s Bay of Mazzarò, Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea is a former villa, built by an aristocratic family in 1830. Surrounded by subtropical gardens, this secluded retreat retains all the charm of a private residence.

Guests can relax in exclusive cabanas on the sand and swim in the crystal-clear waters or the heated infinity pool overlooking the bay. An exclusive shuttle to the sister hotel, Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is available.

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Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo
5 Star Luxury Glamorous Retreat

Set high in the rocky hills on the east coast of the island, with Mount Etna as a dramatic backdrop, Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo has long been the destination of choice for glamorous European and Hollywood stars— Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Marcello Mastroianni and Elizabeth Taylor have all been guests.

Built in 1873 in a stunning location adjacent to the Greek Theatre, the hotel is surrounded by a six-acre park, with magnificent gardens encircling a panoramic pool. It is famed for its Literary Terrace, a favourite meeting point of distinguished guests through the decades.

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Sikelia Pantelleria Sicily

Sikelia Pantelleria
Timeless luxury on the island of Pantelleria, Sicily

Hidden is the island of Pantelleria, solitary in the sea between the coasts of Sicily and Africa, an ancient land whose people once worshipped Ishtar, the goddess of love. A prestigious resort with 20 suites, a restaurant and swimming pool. Sikelia is synonymous of luxury and tranquillity, a place to discover the many contrasts of the volcanic island of Pantelleria an exclusive land unchanged by time.

20 Stylish suites housed in ancient dammusi dwellings bring together strict monastic interior architecture and refined contemporary elegance. An elegant and exclusive destination surrounded by ancient white vaults. A rugged, charming island portrayed in the harmony between metal, glass and the highest quality fabrics. 


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