PUGLIA Luxury Travel Itineraries

PUGLIA Luxury Travel Itineraries - Custom designed, discover our Luxury Travel Itineraries in Puglia and beyond unlike anything you have ever imagined

Private Tailored Travel Itineraries to discover the charming Southern Italian landscape

Custom designed, discover our Luxury Travel Itineraries in Puglia and beyond unlike anything you have ever imagined, Southern Italy is full of magical experiences and properties.  Italian Allure Travel pride ourselves on being the experts in luxury travel in Southern Italy, we will take you on an immersive journey in a highly exclusive and innovative way. 

The journey starts with our carefully selected luxury hotels that are full of character and offer refined services with five-star hospitality where your expectations will be surpassed. Private Transportation from luxury vehicles, yachts, helicopters and jets. 

Our team of experts on the ground in Puglia and Basilicata will tailor your journey from start to finish ensuring the highest standards are met, we will custom-design your trip to create a meaningful journey that will inspire you and offer a lifetime of memories. 

Cross regional adventures – private travel itineraries from the Amalfi Coast to Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily or anywhere else that you would like to travel to in Italy. 

PUGLIA Luxury Travel Itineraries – Creating unique holidays in Puglia and beyond 
  • 5 Star Luxury Hotel Accommodation – Masseria & City 
  • Exclusive Villa Rentals – Masseria 
  • Culinary Adventures – Food & Wine 
  • History, Art & Culture 
  • Beyond Puglia to the depths of Basilicata 
  • Luxury Yachting Adventures from the Mediterranean to the Adriatic 
  • Leisure & Wellbeing – Body & Soul  
  • Hiking, Cycling and Trekking 
  • Family Trips with activities tailored to Kids
  • Sustainable Journeys 
  • Corporate Incentive Trips
  • Authentic & Exclusive
  • Private Luxury Vehicles & Helicopters
  • Supercar Multi-Day Hosted Adventures 
  • Private Jet Broker Services 
  • Exclusively Small Private Events 
  • VIP Tickets – Cinema – Theatre – Musical – Sport – Fashion
  • Personal Security – Feel safe and satisfied with our security team in Italy specialising in planning and managing different services, from private to business.

We cover every aspect of your travel in Southern Italy, our travel concierge services and specialised planning will satisfy your every request. 

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