Burano brightly washed homes

Bright and protected forever this little hidden nook is somebody’s permanent retreat. 
Imagine coming home every day to this cheerful little home!
Il colore come la musica.. this put a smile on my face!
The island of Burano in Venice is dramatically lined with brightly washed homes, only a short 30 minute ferry ride from the island of Venice it’s well worth the visit, imagine living in a place like this with its pocket-size homes that look like such cheerful dwellings, and you can feel that the people who reside on this island mimic their bright surrounds with their smiling faces.

Burano is the island where they very delicately hand make the most exquisite lace.  Its generally the older women who sit at the back of the shops stitching their traditional ways and if you get to see this it is a pleasure to watch.  I couldn’t help buying the sweetest white lace and linen dress for my niece and a couple of small hand sewn initialed handkerchiefs to take home.  They say years back that the brightly washed homes were so that the fishermen could find their way home after night fall.  As in Venice there are no cars causing a hectic ambience, just humble little boats on the canals resting peacefully in between bridge crossings, the entire time I was on the island I did not see or hear one motor start-up.   Burano is like something out of a picture book,  a morning or afternoon visit is adequate though as this island is very small yet so charming! xmm