Christmas Gift Voucher.. Virtual Tours of Italy

Give a Gift Voucher for Christmas with our Online Virtual Tours to Italy!  Enjoy a wonderful live online experience from an amazing destination in Italy at your choice among: Lake Como, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre and Sicily.

Jump online with our expert guides who will take you on an unforgettable one hour journey around fascinating locations in Italy. Ideal for last minute gift ideas and for corporate gifts – celebrate together. 

Bellagio, the Pearl of Lake Como

Enjoy an introductory tour of the “Pearl of Lario” and find out why for centuries many have flocked to Bellagio!

Lake Como is your oyster and beautiful Bellagio is its shiny “Pearl of the Lario”.  Join your expert guide, who is proud to call this area her home, for a virtual stroll through one of Italy’s most charming towns. Starting from the most panoramic point of Bellagio, you will walk through the historical centre to discover the curiosities of this charming and characteristic village. A rich history written in architectural gems, a vibrant center with wine bars, delicatessens and shops selling everything from artisanal wares to high fashion; and picture-perfect panoramas around every corner.  (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

Venice Italy

A Stroll through a Venetian’s Venice

Do you dream of visiting Venice? Do you want to learn more about the City on Water?  Let us organise a live virtual tour to help you get to know the secrets of Venice through the eyes of a Venetian.

From the comfort of your home join your expert guide, live on a virtual tour through the alleys and canals of Venice. You will enjoy the Rialto Bridge, see the Grand Canal but also explore out-of-the-way neighborhoods and lesser-known sights, all the while learning about the current events and everyday life of the typical Venetian! Get to know the ‘real’ Venice on this unique live virtual tour and leave with loads of inspiration and recommendations for your possible future trip to the city! (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

Rome Italy

Discover Historical Rome

Would you like to live the Dolce Vita of Audrey Hepburn when she had her “Roman Holiday”? Jump on a virtual tour with an expert guide in Rome, enjoy an introduction to the most iconic sites and learn more about the Eternal City.

From the comfort of your home, enjoy an entertaining virtual tour with your Roman guide and discover the rich history, cultural highlights and true Roman flair of the Campo Marzio, once a living history lesson and a celebration of Rome’s famed Dolce Vita! From the incredible beauty of the Spanish Steps discover the surrounding area and the secrets behind monuments as the stories which made Rome so Eternal…your wish while looking at the stunning beauty of the Trevi Fountain will be to visit Rome as soon as possible! (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

Agrigento Sicily

Welcome to Agrigento and the Valley of Temples  

Explore one of the largest archaeological parks in the world and visit Olympus on earth online. Jump on a private video call with our expert guide and learn more about the majestic Valley of Temples in Agrigento. This will be a great occasion to chat about Sicily, its culture, traditions and of course its tastiest food!

Join your expert guide to virtually explore one of the best-preserved Greek sites of the island, the Valley of the Temples. You’ll hear the amazing story these eight temples tell: from the almost entirely intact Temple of Concordia to the Temple of Juno on its hilltop perch to the ruins of Temple of Zeus that was one of the five largest greek temples of the world dismantled by greedy builders over the centuries for its stones. Take the chance to learn more about Sicily, its rich culture and history and of course make mention to its delicious food! (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

manarola cinque terre italy

Cinque Terre: Manarola

Built on a rock 70 meters above sea level, Manarola is one of the most charming of the Cinque Terre villages.

Join your local expert guide for a live virtual tour around Manarola! Starting from the upper section of the village, walk along the alleyways through the old tower houses. From there you will have a great view over the vineyards before walking along the main (and only!) street of the town, lined by small shops and eateries. Visit the port area, with its wooden boats and then finally arrive to the view point which will allow you to see Corniglia and Monterosso from a distance. Your local guide is at your complete disposal to answer any questions you may have! (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

Como city historical town center and Alps mountains on Lake Como, Italy, in warm sunset light

Introduction to Como

Sitting at the southern tip of Lake Como’s western branch, the town of Como is both bustling with commerce and charming with monuments. Join our guide for a virtual tour that makes its rich history come alive!

Join your local guide for a virtual tour of Como’s must-see sights, beginning from the main cathedral built in 3 different styles, pass through the charming Piazza Volta to remember this local inventor of the battery, to end along the romantic lake walk. You will hear of the town’s fascinating history, its importance in the production of silk, while admiring the beauty of the famous lake to which the city gives its name. A romantic town full of cobbled streets and boutiques, local restaurants and many quaint wine bars and some of the best gelateria’s in Italy. (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

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