Covid-19 Italy Driver Health & Safety Protocol

Driver Health & Safety

As many of you would know Italian Allure Travel provides premier private chauffeured services in a luxury fleet of Mercedes vehicles throughout Italy and beyond. During these uncertain times your health and safety is our main priority. In response to the Covid-19 emergency, both Italian Allure Travel and our suppliers in Italy are implementing all of the necessary Italian Government protocols to ensure our guests and partners first and foremost remain safe and secure during your travel and private transportation in Italy. 

Our highly skilled drivers now abide by the following new laws for Driver Health & Safety:

  • Our drivers wear Respiratory Protection masks and gloves while carrying out transportation services.
  • Clients cannot sit in the front seats.
  • To ensure proper service and to keep a suitable, safe distance between passengers on board, there should be only 2 passengers per sedan. 
  • For vehicles up to 8 seats, there should be 2 people for each row.
  • Clients must wear Respiratory Protection masks and gloves. 
  • Each occupant of the vehicle must wear belts as required by article 172 of the highway code.
  • Chauffeurs will observe social distancing and will not shake hands with clients or open doors. 
  • Car refreshments and condiments will only be provided by special request. 

In order to ensure maximum safety, at the end of each single service, the driver will ventilate the vehicle, opening the windows and / or the doors, and will sanitise all surfaces that guests have come into contact with, using disinfectant liquid suitable for plastic and metal services with a disposable paper towel wearing disposable gloves.

In the passenger compartment of the vehicle used for transportation services, this area may be equipped with a partition separating the driver from the rear seats reserved for clients. 

We are pleased to advise that things in Italy are slowly improving and our beautiful country is slowly awakening again.

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