Exclusive Private Panoramic View of Venice

Private view of Venice Italy by helicopter & water limousine

Panoramic View of Venice – The clock tower up close and personal from high above Piazza San Marco 

An exclusive private helicopter and water limousine tour of Venice, Italy. 

Commencing from your place of stay in Venice, a personalised guided experience to view the waterways and skyline from your private water limousine and helicopter. We will take you to experience panoramic views from the sky and from the most important towers of Venice. Our team of professionals will whisk you away on this experience of a lifetime. Along the way, you will hear fascinating stories about the “Floating City” whilst gliding through the picturesque canals before boarding the flight – a photographers dream. 

We will take you to Nicelli airport on the island of Lido, located across the Grand Canal from the main island of Venice. Lido is surrounded by gorgeous beaches (yes there are some lovely beaches and beach clubs on this island in Venice) and spectacular vistas. Lido is a 12km long island dividing the lagoon of Venice from the sea and connecting San Nicolo port to Malamocco. Lido is most famous for hosting the Venice International Film Festival which is the oldest film festival in the world. 

 Exclusive Private Panoramic View of Venice Tour

Private Helicopter Charter of Venice, Italy

On Lido island you will board a private helicopter and embark on a panoramic flight, soaring high above the tiny islands – behold the jaw-dropping aerial views that are spread out below. You will experience seeing Venice and its 119 islands with glistening canals from a completely new perspective.  The winding pathways, countless bridges, and intricate canals that crisscross to make up the labyrinth that is Venice. 

After the short flight, you will stop on the island of San Giorgio, another charming island a short distance away from the main island of Venice. This lovely island features a beautiful church, a hidden garden with labyrinthian hedges, and a stunning bell tower from which you will be able to see the entire landscape of this fascinating lagoon. 

Venice from the skyline - Private Helicopter Charter

Venice from the skyline – Private Helicopter Charter – 119 little islands of Venice, Italy

We will end the day with one final ascent, at none other than the historic clock tower of St. Mark’s Square, an early Renaissance building on the north side of Piazza San Marco. If you have never visited this famous monument before, you have undoubtedly seen countless images of the wonder clock tower, with its golden statue of the winged lion against the elaborately decorated backdrop of golden stars on a dark blue sky.  There are two life-sized bronze figures that strike the bell on the hour, every hour. 

Exclusive Private Panoramic View of Venice Tour

Exclusive Private Panoramic View of Venice Tour – Clock Tower rooftop view

On our new private tour, you will have the opportunity to see the clock tower up close and personal from high above Piazza San Marco entering into its very mechanism! Our licensed and knowledgable local guide will accompany you on a private tour of the clock tower and recount the many legends, facts and fiction, that surround this iconic landmark and the city of Venice seen from the sky.

Click on this link to view link the Video of our Private Tour of the Bell Tower in Venice 

Exclusive Private Panoramic View of Venice Tour

Exclusive Private Panoramic View of Venice Tour

An extremely unique landscape and photographic experience, a once-in-a-lifetime journey that can be tailored to the requests of our guests travelling to Venice.

Services Included: English speaking tour escort, private water limousine at disposal, 10 min flight above Venice and the lagoon by private helicopter charter, visit to the top of the San Giorgio Bell Tower and a private tour after hours of the famous historic clock tower of St. Mark’s Square. 

At the time of your enquiry pleases ask us about the option of an exclusive private aperitif on top of the clock tower overlooking St. Mark’s Square to elevate your experience, or why not enjoy a Bellini at Cafe Florian. 

The options for luxury travel in Venice are plentiful, although must be selected carefully and require the expertise of our specialised team located on the islands in Venice.

Let us create your Itinerary among the islands with accommodation at 5 Star Luxury Hotel , Exclusive Villa and Apartment Rentals (we have a large range of exclusive luxury Apartments and Villas that can be presented on request), luxury water transfers and Bespoke Private Experiences in Venice 

We also offer private day trips to surrounding areas such as the Dolomites, Prosecco region or the romantic city of Verona. 

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