Fornillo in Positano – Amalfi Coast Italy


Magical Fornillo beach in Positano

Summer in Europe is starting to warm the appetite now and its time to start thinking of where to plan your Italian holiday. The beautiful Fornillo beach is a little hidden secret in Positano on the Amalfi Coast.  Most visitors in Positano hit the main beach and take day trips to the famous island of Capri, its mainly the locals, a few tourists and guests at the only hotel on the beach Hotel Pupetto that spend time soaking up the sun here, many visitors rush around with too little time and only want to see the talked about hot spots, they have no idea that this slice of paradise exists.  Fornillo is a small pebble stone beach in the heart of Positano paradise at the bottom of the plunging cliff face and sits on the right hand side around from Marina Grande and the main beach in Positano.  Only a short 10 minute walk from Marina Grande around the point along Via Positanesi d’Americana and further along to Via Fornillo, the walk is breathtaking.  The other option if you are staying up on the hill in Positano is to walk straight down the hundreds of steps through the little village, past the local houses with wonderfully crafted and coloured front doors along the narrow pathway that gradually descends down the cliff face until you reach Fornillo beach.
 Walking back up behind the hotel alongVia Fornillo

 Commencing the walk from the top of town down to La Spiaggia

Wonderfully coloured doors to the little homes that you will see 
on the walkway down through the village
And there she is, you’re half way there..
Its a beautiful walk and an incredible sight!
There are three little cafe businesses on the beach each with different coloured umbrella’s and chairs, your own lazy lifeguard who is purely there to push your umbrella up and make sure you have shade when you need it.  Call on him any time, he’s only a hand wave and a smile away!
Peace and quiet relaxing on Fornillo beach, unlike many of the other beaches, 
there is often silence to the serenity in Fornillo..
I remember the first time I saw the film ‘Under The Tuscan Sunwritten by one of my favourite authors Frances Mayes , there is a scene in the move where Frances is in Positano with the handsome Italian lover she meets ‘Marcello’, and they are walking along the beach when she hears a small kitten meowing for its mother, she scoops the kitten up in her hands and.. well the rest of the film is for you to watch yet this scene is set in the spectacular setting on Fornillo beach.  The first time I visited Positano I only swam and walked on the main beach which confused me because the beach setting and cliff face in the film looked completely different and the reason was that these are the green chairs in the film and Fornillo beach set that wonderful romantic setting.
Beer and salad no more than 10 Euro for lunch at da Ferdinando perhaps?
The salads are delicious, there are so many choices.. Insalata Mista, Caprese, Insalata di Mare
Or perhaps some warm Bruscetta, Saltimbocca, Crostone and serve it up with un bicchiere di Vino Locale, Vino Falanghina, there are so many cheaply priced and overly delicious local choices on the menu here.
Or maybe  at Bar Pupetto..
A truly memorable setting, there is nothing like the crystal sparkling water here, one minute you are ankle deep and the next your are in over your shoulders in the crisp salty rippling blue water.
I admit I shot these photos on different days, one cloudy and one not, yet I have been to Positano and Fornillo beach more times than I can count now, overcast or piercing rays of sunshine, it doesn’t matter as the warm weather and tranquil setting makes this beach great to visit no matter what the day has in store!
Little boats bobbing up and down on the glistening water, the rocky beach front, the sound of the rolling waves crashing below my feet, comfy deck chairs and smiling faces of the locals.
Fornillo you are a dream.
A presto!
xmm @ IAT