Love in Camogli


Whilst strolling along the beach in Camogli in the Italian Riviera I encountered this perfectly positioned cluster of pebbles with messages of love engraved into them.  Not even having to position them into place they were such a lovely reflection of this tiny fishing town and how Camogli can make one feel there.

Camogli is one of the most romantic towns I have ever been to, it’s difficult to define why it makes you feel so dreamy, perhaps its because it is so charming and quaint with minimal crowds, the locals going about their unpretentious lives, shops are only open for the most limited times during the day and everyone seems to be either sitting on the waters edge eating gelato or dining outdoors sipping prosecco looking out over the Mediterranean.  This exquisite town is just a short ferry ride in calm sea’s from Portofino which dominates the most lavish and absurdly expensive piece of the Italian Riviera coastline.  It makes me happy to know that Ela and Kloudia found love in Camogli!  xmm