Piazza San Marco glistening by day and night..

If you have been to Venice you will know how charming Piazza San Marco is by day, at one end there is the great Church of Saint Mark or St. Marks Basilica that presents itself captivatingly in a birds eye view the moment you step foot out of any of the surrounding narrow walkways that run through to the piazza.  All day the pleasure is all yours to pay a fortune to sit in the great outdoors of Piazza San Marco sipping on an espresso in the morning watching the tourists flock like seagulls that have travelled from near and far to experience the opulence of Venice.
Make sure you take a seat at the most famous palatial cafe in the centre of the piazza  Caffe Florian , on your first day you will be charmed by the dark handsome waiters dressed in crisp white suits jackets with glistening dimples that will deliver your colourful displays of fine Italian cheeses on silver platters accompanied by a crisp glass of sparkling prosecco or white wine.  Caffe Florian is an institution,  inside the magnificent rooms are furnished with gloriously delicate lounges with luscious red velvet, you will sit at white marble top tables, the walls are draped in Italian antique gilded mirrors and the rooms are intimate and a real Venetian experience not to be missed.
By night there is a different type of charm in the air,  romantic glistening lights glowing from every corner, live classical music plays whilst you wonder amongst the crowds and absorb the enchanting whereabouts of Piazza San Marco.

I would like to know what possessed the local council to allow Piazza San Marco to be violated by large obtrusive advertising billboards that now dominate this wonderfully extravagant slice of Venetian paradise?  I understand that reconstruction of these fine buildings needs to occur so scaffolding is erected in the process yet there is no need to intrude on such a historical and wonderful place with oversized modern commercial advertising to try to cover up the reconstructive works in progress.  Don’t let it ruin your experience if you visit Piazza San Marco in Venice and this is prevalent, try to ignore it and soak up the wonderful atmosphere of the piazza and all of its other beautiful surrounds.