Multi-Day Private Luxury Yachting – Amalfi Coast

Experience IAT private luxury yachting solutions, taking you to discover the secrets of Capri, the glistening Amalfi Coast, explore the magical islands in the Bay of Naples – Procida and Ischia, and venture out to ethereal Ponza and Ventotene..



The Southern Italian coast enjoyed by its sparkling waters has a different flavour. The power of the sea that envelops everything and bestows a feeling of wellbeing, reaching secluded coves and grottoes, swimming in crystal-clear waters, having a stretch of land all to yourself – these are dreams that we make come true for our guests. In our vast array of luxury yachting services, we stand out for our exclusive private daily excursions and private mini cruises over multiple days and weeks.

Explore some of the most beautiful islands off the coast of Southern Italy on a private multi-day yacht experience. Charter a luxury yacht of your choice and our team will design a highly-tuned bespoke experience that addresses your requests and is tailored to your personality and preferences. 

Spend your time at leisure cruising the coastline, exploring the islands on foot, shop at local and international designer boutiques, sip Champagne, dine on the best local cuisine and let our team of experts cater to your requests. 

The following example is an exceptional 5 day – 4 night luxury private charter to discover the incredible islands ISCHIA, PONZA, VENTOTENE, CAPRI and the AMALFI COAST.  On our private charters your wish is our command! 
Amalfi Coast Private Mini Cruise


Day 1 – ISCHIA

Embark from Capri, Naples, Sorrento or any harbour or port along the Amalfi Coast including private hotel and villa jetties (weather permitting and safety checks). Set sail for a journey of a lifetime. Explore Ischia, the largest island in the bay of Naples, a treasure trove of surprises and mythical places. The volcanic island of Ischia (dubbed the island of eternal youth) is full of beautiful spas and resort towns, vineyards and picture perfect views. It is the ideal combination of a Mediterranean paradise where beaches meet mountains and where relaxation and wellbeing are simply a way of life. 

Savour a delicious meal in a traditional restaurant and explore this fabulous volcanic island, replete with lush gardens, a fort-city on its own islet and charming grottoes. A private taxi will take you to a fabulous restaurant for a magical dinner, before returning to our luxury yacht for a marvellous night at Ischia Marina. 

Our must experience tips.. 

  • Grotta del Mago
  • Sorgeto
  • Castello Aragonese
  • Sant’Angelo
  • Forio
  • Pietra della Nave
  • Scheria Lido
  • Enjoy its thermal waters
  • Monte Epomeo for divine vistas
  • Swim in Ischia’s emerald waters

Volcanic Island – ISCHIA in the Bay of Naples

Day 2 – PONZA

We take you to venture further afield towards superb Ponza, where white cliffs and azure waters will stun you. Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, the string of tiny islands located off the coast of the Lazio region in Italy.  A summer vacation spot for Romans who spend their holidays sunning themselves on spectacular beaches and socialising with family and friends. 

After a delicious breakfast, set sail towards this Mediterranean paradise that combines natural wonders with a taste for authentic Italian delicacies. Many of the fabulous coves can only be reached by boat, so make the most of this exceptional journey aboard our luxury yacht. You can visit Ponza town and admire its bright houses, then savour an exquisite lunch with local specialities. Stroll aimlessly in search of an enticing, original boutique or just relax on the water, perhaps snorkelling in search of multi-coloured fish. At aperitif hour (aperitivo), raise your glasses to another exciting day of discovery on a unique island and then a private transfer will take you to your arranged dinner in an exclusive, traditional restaurant. Sleep in a bed fit for a king aboard our luxury yacht at Ponza Marina.

Our must experience tips.. 

  • Grotte di Pilato
  • Chiaia di Luna, Santa Maria and Zannone beach
  • Enjoy swimming at the Piscine Naturali, La Forna
  • Capo Bianco point
  • Guardia Lighthouse
  • Ulysses Grotto
  • Fortino Bay
  • Lucia Rosa Faraglioni
  • Swim around Le Formiche, by Ponza
  • Explore Palmarola

Chiaia di Luna Beach on the largest of the Pontine Islands – PONZA


An evocative name for a small island where the real taste of the sea is still tangible. Ventotene is a small jewel rich in history. The island of the wind and the smallest inhabited island of the Pontine archipelago, Ventotene captures for its unique atmosphere: explore a nature reserve and marine protected area where the water is a wonderful blue hue and relaxation gently knocks on the door. Swim in a secluded cove, then enjoy lunch in a delightful restaurant. Reach the Roman Port and the centre of town via the Rampa Marina, an interesting series of steps taking you to the beating heart of the island. Enjoy dinner and then retreat to your luxury yacht for a gorgeous night.

Our must experience tips.. 

  • Cala Nave Beach
  • Arco Point
  • Museum of bird migration
  • Ancient Roman remains and Roman cisterns of Ventotene
Private mini-cruises Capri - Italian Allure Travel - LUXURY YACHTING


Day 4 – CAPRI

A place of legend, home to the mythical Sirens, Capri is impossibly beautiful. Replete with testimonies of its famous guests, the island is dotted with flamboyant villas and lush gardens. Adored by celebrities, intellectuals and the elite, a visit to Capri stays with you forever. Search for remnants of its ancient Roman glory and head to fabulous Villa Jovis– once home to Emperor Tiberius– glitzy memories of the dandy who owned Villa Lysis, or explore a superb garden and admire dramatic views from Villa San Michele in Anacapri, at the opposite end of the island.  Whichever you explore, the sheer beauty of this island will capture you. For moments of peace and tranquillity, head to Monte Solaro or the Sentiero dei Fortini, admire Via Krupp, a marvel of aesthetics, plunging down to the sea, while the world-famous natural wonder of the Blue Grotto is a triumph of azure colours in a superb game of light that defies reality. Enjoy a sundowner contemplating the famous Faraglioni and then dine in style in a traditional restaurant, reached by private transfer. Overnight is at marvellous Capri Marina.

Our must experience tips.. 

  • Blue, Green, Red and White Grottoes
  • The Statua dello Scugnizzo
  • Tiberius’ “jump”
  • The Natural Arch
  • Villa Malaparte from the sea
  • The Bay of Marina Piccola
  • Punta Carena Lighthouse
  • The Coral Grotto
  • The Faraglioni
  • Villa San Michele
  • Villa Jovis
  • Villa Lysis
Luxury Yachting - Southern Italy - Italian Allure Travel



Enjoy a superlative breakfast, then head to the striking Costiera Amalfitana: explore pretty Nerano, a charming fishing village situated between Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, this is a fabulous spot for lunch in a stunning restaurant on a stilt house. 



Nestled above the sea, Positano grips to the cliffs and is dotted with delightful pastel-coloured houses. The narrow streets in Positano are lined with cafes, restaurants and boutiques fronted by eye-catching widow displays, you are guaranteed not to leave Positano empty handed.  Amalfi and its mighty naval past is simply unforgettable, this enchanting city is rich in history and beauty. On your way back to Sorrento or Naples, a stop at Li Galli will reveal the beauty of the splendid Siranuse Islands. Disembarkation by 6 pm.

Our must experience tips..

  • Visit the unforgettable Blue Grotto
  • Praiano and the Emerald grotto
  • Furore gorge
  • Explore the Valle di Mulini and the Arsenal in Amalfi
  • Visit striking Amalfi Cathedral
  • Li Galli Islands
  • Chic shopping in Positano
  • Taste the real limoncello made locally 

Our private multi-day luxury yachting along the Amalfi Coast and to the islands can start from 1 Day / 1 Night and last up to a week or more. Overnight accommodation is possible in the bay of Positano at anchor (weather permitting). The landing and boarding will be carried out by tender. Number of people depends on the boat size and number of cabins. From 1 to 11 people.

Our captain and crew will welcome you on board.

  • dry snacks, soft drinks, fresh fruit, continental breakfast, beach towels, courtesy set, snorkeling gear, crew (captain + skipper), fuel (based on the scheduled itinerary at a speed of 20 knots), option of visiting attractions during the tour, morning and docking fees, full insurance, 4gb of wifi data @4g internet connection.
Not included: 
  • not included, tickets to visit attractions, lunch and dinner at local Beach Clubs or Restaurants, fuel due to extra miles or speed in case of changes of itineraries.

At the time of your enquiry we can discuss a tailor-made luxury yachting solutions and a programme to suit your preferences.

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