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Journey on your luxury private motor yacht to Navagio beach, Zakynthos, Greece.

Journey on your luxury private motor yacht to Navagio beach, Zakynthos, Greece.

Experience Private Yachting Cruising the Greek Islands – Weekly and Monthly Private Charters

We have made it our mission to specialise in luxury yachting solutions throughout the Mediterranean exploring the best of Italy, France, Monaco and GREECE! 

Sit back and let your Captain and our specialist yachting team do the hard work, catering to your every need with true professionalism and the utmost confidentiality, our team will take you to explore exclusive spots among the islands in Greece. 

Private Luxury Yacht Charters in Greece

Private Yachting Experiences in Greece


Example Itinerary – Explore the following Suggestion – one of many!

 7 Day Private Charter from Athens to Santorini (Total Distance 130-140 n.m)

Day 1. Athens to Kea

Embarkation in Athens marina. After the allocation of cabins and another overview of the itinerary, your captain will set sail to the island Kea.  Known as Tzia, the island sits in the Aegean sea, south of Attica and represents the gate to the Cyclades. Here you will find exceptional beaches and one of the best places for walking paths and trails of any of the Greek islands.

Kea is a hiker’s paradise with numbered routes that take you through a whole range of landscaped remote coves and the remains of ancient cities. Situated in the center of the island, at the site of the ancient city-state by the same name, the capital of Kéa (or Tziá), Ioulis, is a very picturesque town with ceramic-tile roofed houses, cobbled streets, arched passageways, steps and squares.

Day 2. Kea to Syros 

The next morning, after breakfast, you will sail to Syros. This is the island where Greek tradition and western influence come to a harmonious marriage. Ermoúpoli (meaning “the city of Hermes”) is the island’s capital town and was the first important trade and industrial center of the country in the 19th century.  Evidence of this glorious past can be seen on public buildings (the City Hall, the Customs Office, “Apollo” theatre), on the neoclassical houses and at the beautiful squares.

A colorful narrow alley of Ano Syros, Cycladic Greek Island

A colorful narrow alley of Ano Syros, Cycladic Greek Island

Day 3. Syros to Mykonos / Delos / Rhinia 

Your next destination will be Mykonos. 

This wonderful Cycladic island is worth visiting at any time of the year. However, it is a must to enjoy Mykonos in all its summer glory, when it literally becomes an international village, a sight worth seeing, when one can experience the unique feeling that everything and everyone is in Mykonos. To your benefit, you will have complete privacy and the escapism aboard your private luxury yacht. 

Not far from Mykonos is the historic island Delos. The Cyclades fulfil their collective name (kyklosmeans circle) by encircling this sacred island. The mythical birthplace of twins Apollo and Artemis, splendid Ancient Delos was a shrine turned sacred treasury and commercial centre. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Cast your imagination wide to transform this sprawling ruin into the magnificent city it once was.

Right next to Delos, separated by a 100 m wide channel is Rhinia, a hilly and fairly dry island renowned for its stunning sandy beaches. 

Day 4. Mykonos to Paros 

Among the many Greek Islands, Paros is fascinating on so many levels, so much so that many people fall in love with Paros having only seen one of its many faces. Don’t jump to conclusions about what you like, get to know the island first and discover your “own” Paros, the one makes you feel the emotions of being in the moment.

Its golden beaches, charming towns and villages, deep blue waters, vibrant nightlife and excellent artisan shops will captivate you from the moment you step on the island. 

Greek village of Naousa, Paros island, Greece

Greek village of Naousa, Paros island, Greece

Day 5. Paros to Small Cyclades – Schinoussa and Koufonissia 

Koufonisia is a small group of two islets;  the seare Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi, and they are separated by a narrow 200m. wide strait.

Named Koufonisia (Hollow islands) because of the existing caves which gave the impression to pirates who viewed them from a distance that the islands were hollow! At a short distance you will see the deserted Keros island. It has been designated as a narchaeological site under protection, as major Cycladic Art finds have been unearthed there many a time. Koufonisia is famous for its natural pools, turquoise waters and its “island way”of life.

Schinoussa is a tiny island with three villages:  Hóra, Messaria and Mersini. It took its name after the bushy plant lentisk (SchinoinGreek) that flourishes on the island. Mersini, the island’s port, is a haven for small boats, preferred by many across the Aegean; during the summer it is a popular mooring spot for sailing enthusiasts. The island is known for its unspoiled natural landscape and beautiful gardens; exotic palm trees and sun-kissed beaches along your walk that will steal your heart away.

Aicon 72 Private Yacht Charters Greek Islands Greece
Day 6. Small Cyclades to Ios 

A small island in the heart of the Cyclades. Ios is said to be the island of youth, where young people from all over the world meet and enjoy their summers. Ios is famous for its vivid nightlife with an uncountable number of bars, cafés, clubs and restaurants and for its beaches with crystal clear water.

The little port of Ios, with the domed Church of Saint Irini (17th c.) lies in a sheltered bay on the west coast of the island. One kilometer up the fertile Kato Kampos Valley, conspicuously and picturesquely situated on the hillside, is the chief place on the island.

Sunset on the island of Santorini, Greece

Sunset on the island of Santorini, Greece

Day 7. Ios to Santorini: disembark 

Santorini is world-famous and included on the bucket list of most of our clients traveling to Greece. 

Its great wines, the international and local cuisine but most of all, the villages which are situated on cliffs and offer breathtaking view over the submerged volcano. The island also has impressive beaches with the sand of your choice: black, red or white! 

Thira, together with the smaller islands of Thirasia and Aspro are part of a volcanic crater, which has been engulfed by the sea. In the center are the Kammeni islands, there are the cones of later volcanos, which came into being in historical times. 

Hot springs and emissions of gas bear witness to continuing volcanic activity.

The whitewashed houses of the village Oia, Santorini island, Greece

The whitewashed houses of the village Oia, Santorini island, Greece


This 7 Day Private Yachting Itinerary is one of many incredible experiences, our team will customise the itinerary so that it is tailored to your preferences.  Experience multiple weeks or a month extension, we have an abundance of recommendations to ensure your experience offers a lifetime of memories. 

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On our private luxury motor or sailing yachts, you will visit the utmost cosmopolitan yachting destinations and will be provided with first-class luxury travel services for the full duration of your trip.

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