Rome – market day in Campo dei Fiori

Every Saturday one of Rome’s oldest markets comes alive early in the morning until mid afternoon, where you can buy fresh flowers, home grown fruit & vegetables, excellent quality fish, and the odd tea towel and cooking utensils which will save you a trip to Ikea if you are purely looking for the bare necessities.

Normally at night Campo dei Fiori (or field of flowers) turns into the local drinking den for young Italian locals and tourists with the centre boundary lined with traditional cafe’s by day turning into cool bars by night.  La Vineria Reggio with it’s dimly lit interiors and cosy surrounds can be fun for a drink if you are in the mood, the Piazza is near to Piazza Navona and is surrounded by back streets lined with deli’s, antique shops and fashion boutiques mainly of the lower priced end with only a couple of decent stylish eclectic boutiques in their mix if you dare to look hard enough.  

On market day there is an abundant buzz in air and even if only visiting and you are not wanting to buy your fresh fish for dinner or wonderful smelling peony roses for home, its still worth a visit for your morning coffee and a walk around to experience a lovely Roman market day in full swing. xmm