Top 5 Luxury Timeless Experiences in Venice, Italy

Venice Aerial View – Photo Courtesy of Aman Venice

To really understand Venice and it’s archipelago of 119 little islands, its important to have the right contacts, those who’s families have a history that dates back to the most Serene Republic of Venice. This magical city can easily be miss-understood, another world connected by glistening canals and historical bridges awaits you for a unique discovery. 

Piano Noble Room Aman Venice

Piano Noble Room Photo Courtesy of Aman Venice

Exclusive Experience 1 : Private Gondola Ride and Photo Shoot followed by an Aperitif and Gala Dinner at glamorous Aman Venice Palace on the Grand Canal

The gondola ride is something that must be done well if you wish to really enjoy in Venice. Travelling by traditional gondola along the canals in Venice is an alternative way of getting around this unique city, and it’s important to visit the smaller more local canals, passages, bridges, and unknown palaces. We offer you the opportunity to sit back and relax, enjoy the experience while our professional photographer captures your memorable moments.

After floating along the canals by private gondola you will arrive at the heart of the city to a special place on the edge of the Grand Canal.  The unique choice of George and Amal Clooney for their wedding on 27th September 2014, this breathtaking 16th-century palace is the Aman Venice. Filled with museum-quality treasures. The Palazzo Papadopoli is one of the city’s most significant buildings, the great 18th-century painter Tiepolo once lived here, and his frescoes adorn the walls of many of the rooms. In the 19th century, the presiding Papadopoli family turned adjoining buildings into two gardens that today, are among the city’s rarest private green spaces. When Aman Venice was renovated in 2014, its sensitive incorporation of contemporary comforts won the palazzo a heritage award for Italy’s best restoration.  We will take you to this unique property for a very special experience.

Here you will enjoy a private aperitif on the flower-decorated rooftop or in one of the spectacular indoor rooms pending weather conditions. From the Aman rooftop there are unforgettable panoramic views of the city.  This will be a perfect time to relax, enjoy a glass of champagne, nibbles and the company of your partner, family, or dearest friends.

The aperitif will be followed by an unforgettable dinner that can be as simple or sumptuous as the occasion demands. As well as a convivial bar, there are two restaurants on the piano nobile, where guests dine under frescoed ceilings and menus are overseen by Italy’s acclaimed, Michelin-starred chef, Davide Oldani. This majestic atmosphere, with a view of the Grand Canal, music and candlelight, will become a setting for your unforgettable time in Venice. To end this exclusive evening you will be whisked back to your hotel in a private traditional, luxury water limousine

Private Wine Tasting in Venice, Italy

Private Wine Tasting in Venice, Italy

Exclusive Experience 2 : Private Wine Tasting & Cooking Class on the smaller islands

An full day exclusive food & wine experience like no other , we will transport you over to the quaint islands of Mazzorbo and Burano to experience some of the best food & wine available in Venice. Located on the periphery of the Venetian lagoon these two small islands are connected by a wooden bridge. We start the day on Mazzorbo island, tiny yet teeming with surprises, including a high-quality vineyard, wine resort and Michelin-starred restaurant. This world-class estate is involved in cultivating the long-lost, and legendary, grapevines of Venice. Their efforts result in a splendid wine, which of course you will be able to sample at your exclusive private wine tasting. Our gracious hosts are extremely knowledgeable and will explain the history and viticulture, traditional to their heritage, and will provide plenty of information on the different types of wine varietals, explaining each one as you sip and enjoy.

Delicacies prepared at your private cooking class in Venice with Italian Allure Travel 

After the wine tasting, you will be guided on foot to visit the neighbouring island of Burano. One of the most recognizable places in the world, this picturesque island is known for its buildings painted in the most fantastic rainbow-coloured hues with colours ranging from sunny yellows to bright fuchsia and turquoise blue. Here you can take in the wonderful view and snap some memorable photos as you explore this charming fishing village. Our next stop is one of the best local trattoria’s in the entire lagoon. Its food is typically Venetian and is often considered to be more authentic than anything else available in Venice.  We will introduce you to the chef, charismatic and friendly, he will conduct a mini cooking class in his kitchen just for you. A two-hour session covering the how-to of Italian cuisine, followed by a practical session in which he will be happy to show off his culinary chops, by preparing you a delicious dinner at the end of the day.

Private Boat Tour of Hidden Venice – Italian Allure Travel 

Exclusive Experience 3 : Private Boat Tour of Hidden Venice

Venice is one of the most magical cities in the world and though it has been photographed and filmed a million times over, nothing can quite prepare you for the magic that you will experience.  Travel aboard a private water limousine, to explore the tranquility of the hidden canals and waterways of Venice.

We will lead you to the authentic side of Venice, the one full of winding canals, crumbling grandeur, and enduring traditions. We will pick you up by private water limousine to start your tour along the picturesque Grand Canal where you will see historic palazzos, markets, and the bustle of everyday life.

Stopping at the squero, otherwise known as the Venetian boatyard, you will learn from local artisans how traditional gondolas are still made today. It is truly amazing to witness these artisans at work, creating one-of-a-kind vessels, see how they continue Venice’s tradition and history through the quality of their craftsmanship. On your private tour you will also stop at the Arsenale, where the largest and most decorated ships were once built.

Continuing further we will take you beyond the limits of the island of Venice to explore the nearby island of San Giorgio to wander around this little island to visit its historic church, and climb the bell tower, from which you will have stunning 360 degree views of Venice. Just like seeing Venice from its waterways, this is another entirely unmissable experience.  A different city emerges from above, one full of jagged rooftops, iconic silhouettes of churches, bell towers, and lush hidden gardens rarely explored.

Your captain will then whisk you away to visit the historic Jewish Ghetto, one of the most characteristic areas of the city. Along the way, you private guide will enlighten you with interesting facts about Venice la Serenissima, from water to land, and from legend to history.

Private Boat Tour to Burano island in Venice, Italy – Italian Allure Travel 

Exclusive Experience 4 : Private Boat Tour to discover Murano, Burano and Torcello islands by Water Limousine 

Venice is an archipelago of over 119 little islands, among these are Murano, Burano and Torcello which are also some of the most visited spots in the entire lagoon.  What we propose is unique access to see the artisans at work and insiders knowledge from a local who will introduce you to the most beautiful parts of each island.  We will provide you with an insight into the life pace that differs on these islands so that you will enjoy the highest quality time.

To better understand the Venetian culture, you will be invited to visit Murano island that is known around the world for its high quality glass production. You will see the masters of this craft using new and ancient techniques in the best factory on the island. The mastery of blowing and shaping the glass requires unique skills, one that has a long history as long as the city itself. Apart from this, on almost every corner of Murano, you will have an opportunity to see the locals working on other traditional crafts. 

The next stop will be the island of Burano, visible from afar because of its buildings painted in bright and vivid colours. The island presents a fairytale atmosphere with a most fascinating history, this is certainly a photographers paradise.  Here you will have time to wander around, meet some locals, enjoy a cup of coffee, visit the old lace boutiques and if you are lucky enough you will see the old ladies hand stitching the lace in traditional ways inside only a few boutiques. Burano is an ideal place to stop for lunch at our choice of the best local trattorias. 

Finally you will visit Torcello, very often perceived as the cradle of Venice which once had the largest population of over 200,000 inhabitants and now hosts only a few locals left. The nature and the oldest buildings remain here, however, are always attracting many curious to see the evolution of Venice that is preserved in its architecture. Our guide will show you around the island and introduce you to the oldest and most interesting parts. This wonderful island experience will end back at your hotel private pier or preferred location in Venice.

Private Water Limousine Services in Venice Italy

Private Water Limousine Services in Venice Italy { Photo Copyright } 

Exclusive Experience 5 : Exclusive Private Gondola Experiences – Happy Hour / Photo Shoots / Champagne or Aperitif and Canapes at a Luxury Palazzo 

An enchanting private gondola tour where you will glide through centuries of history, and will be captivated by the glamour and elegance of the Venetian Palazzi lining the canals.  The perfect way to appreciate the beauty, charm and colour of this unique city built on water, you will be enthralled by what surrounds you.

  • Gondola & Happy Hour : You cannot visit Venice without tasting a “spritz con aperol” (the local aperitivo with Prosecco wine, Aperol + sparkling water) accompanied by traditional Venetian “cicchetti” (small portions of tasty food served hot or cold, similar to Spanish tapas) in a typical Venetian bacaro!  A bacaro is one of the oldest wine shops in Venice were you can have an unusual meal tasting of fish, meat or vegetable dishes and choose to drink some “ombra” (a small glass of red or white local wine).  The most popular cicchetti are crostini toasts with codfish, fried mozzarella, polenta with fried shrimps, “sarde in saor” (marinate sardines with onion), boil octopus, meat balls, grilled vegetables and squid.
  • Gondola & Photo Shoot Tour : Enjoy a Private Gondola Ride together with a professional photographer to capture & preserve your special moments! Many of our guests ask us what is the ideal gift to take home from this beautiful city? Our response is always professional photographs which relate to a lifetime of beautiful memories. We will take you on a unique sightseeing tour with a professional photographer who will take photographs during your private gondola ride. Sail on a romantic passage through the cities majestic waterways and let your photographer capture every special moment. Photos will be put in a beautiful digital photo book for you to keep as a unique souvenir of your time in Venice. 
  • Gondola & Aperitif at a Luxury Palace overlooking the Grand Canal :  This is a unique discovery visiting hidden water channels to see Venice from a different perspective. Accompanied by our professional licensed guide, you will have a chance not only to explore the waterways on your gondola, but also wander around the little piazzas, canals and learn about the history, architecture, art and most interestingly, the life of the locals that live in Venice. When travelling by gondola you will be taken to a luxurious palace on the edge of the Grand Canal, your final destination for an elegant aperitif. A combination of the wonderful views from the terrace of the palace and the most delicious tasting plates with a cocktail will make your journey complete, elevating this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Sleeping Gondolas, Venice, Italy {Copyright Italian Allure Travel Pty Ltd}

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Venice is the mask of Italy, this floating city is a destination with a powerful history and gripping stories. So many travellers do not experience the authentic Venezia, discover the real side of this unique floating city with our experienced team. 

These are 5 of our favourite unique experiences, please Contact us to discuss your preferred tours and Bespoke Luxury Travel Itineraries that include the finest luxury hotels, private villas and apartments in Venice.

Top 5 Luxury Timeless Experiences in Venice by Melissa Martin – Director / Founder @ Italian Allure Travel Pty Ltd