Unforgettable Evening at an Ancient Castle in Northern Italy

A unique experience in the province of Padua – Private Tour of an ancient castle in Northern Italy, aperitivo on the terrace at sunset and an exclusive dinner in the frescoed lounge

Exclusive Private Experience in Northern Italy

Exclusive Private Experience in Northern Italy

Our NEW experience takes you on a journey to visit one of the most unforgettable and majestic historical dwellings in Europe.

We have designed a special private experience among the region of Padua (Padova), a hinterland in an exclusive and very memorable location. Traveling only 40 minutes inland by private vehicle from Venice, you will reach a monumental building full of history and charm. Built in the 16th century this magnificent castle was originally used to celebrate the splendours of a prominent Italian noble family of Padua.

Enter through the eighteenth-century majestic gates

Royal Palace (Pic: Simone Allegro)

Private Dinner in a Castle in Padua, Northern Italy

(Pic: Morlotti Studio)

Upon entry through the impressive majestic gate you will be lead to the castle,  enlarged in the 17th and 18th centuries and subsequently transformed into a unique palace. Prepare yourself to be mesmerised by some of the most complete, important and better preserved original frescoes of their kind.  

Palace Frescoes - Private Experience in Italy

We will take you to explore the main floor of the castle, covered in these renowned frescoes and featuring the genealogical tree of the family, the events and deeds that were undertaken in these majestic rooms, all masterfully depicted by the famous Italian painter of the late Renaissance – Giovanni Battista Zelotti, the disciple of Paolo Veronese and one of the major representatives of Venetian Renaissance Art.

Aperitivo on the private terrace before dinner

Aperitivo on the private terrace before dinner

The Private Experience:

Italian Allure Travel will plan a unique experience starting with a private tour of the castle at sunset, offering the opportunity to enjoy an aperitivo on the panoramic terrace, almost an open-air ballroom from which one can enjoy the dazzling view of the Euganean Hills and the gardens that surround the castle. Following drinks you will be guided to indulge in an exclusive private dinner in the lounge. 

Exclusive Private Tour, Aperitivo and Dinner

Exclusive Private Tour, Aperitivo and Dinner among the famous frescoes  (Pic: Paolo Crocetta) 

Exclusive Private Experience in Northern Italy

(Pic: Simone Allegro) 

The experience includes:

A private transfer service from your hotel in Venice to the property and return, exclusive rental fee of the Venue, an aperitif on the roof top terrace and a 4 course lavish dinner. If you are staying on the mainland please advise and we will customise the trip. 

Contact us by email to enquire: info@italianalluretravel.com
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