DISCOVER RARE WINES in Astonishing Locations in Tuscany

RARE FOOD & WINE Gems in Astonishing Locations in Tuscany

Taste Rare WINES in Astonishing Locations in Tuscany and meet the exceptional PEOPLE behind these PRIZED WINES

It’s always all about the people that you will meet, we are proud to present experiences of distinction in Italy hosted by Michelin starred chefs, Marquises, Barons, Princesses of the Holy Roman Empire, Princes… The families that created Brunello di Montalcino or Chianti and many more wonderful local people in Italy who will bring your experiences to life.

Tailor made exclusive experiences with the top wine producers in Tuscany. You’ll be guided by experts in vertical tastings usually reserved for journalists and enjoy exclusive wine-pairing-menus tailor-made by starred chefs and sommeliers.

Visit places that are closed to other traveller and sip on wines from the personal collection of owners of the most renowned wineries in Tuscany (and Italy).

Our experiences in Italy are far beyond normal, we take you on an emotional journey to ignite your senses. Visit medieval castles, renaissance palaces and country villas where noble families still reside today.

  • VIP Wines: Wine Spectator Top100, old vintages, tailored cellars & vineyards, owners guided experiences, tailored meals

  • Enquire about our VIP Cooking Classes throughout Italy: Pastry, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cured meats, Cheeses, classic Italian regional (Tuscan, Roman, Venetian, Piedmonts’…), Renaissance style, Roman Empire style, Michelin starred chefs, VIP & Noble chefs, eat what you prepare in each lesson (with Wine Spectator Top100 wines)

We have over 100 exclusive private Food & Wine experiences to share with you throughout Italy. Expanding to TUSCANY, UMBRIA, VENETO, PIEDMONT, LOMBARDY, LAZIO & ROME, EMILIA ROMAGNA, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE, CAMPANIA (Naples area), APULIA, SICILY and SARDINIA.

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