Tyrrhenian Sea and Aeolian Islands Private Boat Charter

Stromboli – Aeolian Islands


The spectacular Aeolian islands were named after Aeolus, the ancient Greek and Roman god of the winds. There is nothing like feeling the ancient wind in your hair whilst enjoying the beautiful volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea with its active volcanos and magnificent views. 

Panarea Private Boat Charter

Each island has its own unique characteristics, Panarea is a small but enchanting island, the ideal place for great photo shoots. The landscape of Panarea is unforgettable, with colours changing from turquoise to deep blue right before your eyes.  


The island of Stromboli is the latest to have emerged from the sea. Stromboli erupts lava, clouds of gas, and ashes, which usually ooze down along “La Sciara”.  You can relax and appreciate the eruptions, wonderful views, and rich flora and fauna of the islands from the comfort of your private yacht.

Aeolian Islands Private Boat Charter

Due to their natural beauty and continuing volcanic activity the Aeolian Islands are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.  Let you captain lead you on a coastal cruise to discover the hidden spots of Sicily’s coastline. Your captain and hostess are there for your safety and to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. 

We will pick you up and head along the coastline with the day tailored to your personal requests. Our boating days are luxurious, you can relax on the sundeck, enjoy the views, stop to swim in the various bays and enjoy local snacks and beverages that are provided on board, all done at your leisure.

We suggest stopping for a seaside lunch and will recommend beautiful restaurants where your boat can pull up for you to disembark on the islands, or if you prefer we can arrange a delicious lunch for you to enjoy on board the boat.  

Each excursion is customised based on your interests.  Our private day tours are perfect for families, couples and groups.  We offer a variety of luxury speedboat and yacht categories depending on your direction of travel and where you are embarking the boat.  

For example categories such as Compass Rose 50 and Ferretti 630 are available for the tours of the Aeolian Islands from Portorosa. Other categories range from Aicon 56 & 64 Fly, Elena 52, Azimut 68 S, Sessa 43, Uniesse 65 & 72 Fly. What ever your boat preference is we will check availability and provide the best options so please ask us. 

Quotes and example images of boats can be supplied on request, please email: info@italianalluretravel.com 

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