Best New Food & Wine Virtual Private Tours of Italy

Italian Allure Travel continues to expand on our Virtual Private Tours of Italy allowing you to visit our beautiful country from the comfort of your own home.  We take you virtually to discover Italy’s finest food & wine, meeting our experts in Italy over virtual zoom calls. 

How much do you love truffles and desert? 

Truffles in Italy - Virtual Tours

Truffle is the “diamond of the kitchen”. Would you like to learn all the secrets of one of the culinary world’s most prized ingredients? Jump on a private online call with our expert truffle hunter Giulio and discover the real world of the Tuscan truffle. You will also enjoy a special cooking show on how to prepare delicious truffle desserts with an expert patisserie!

Virtually meet our expert truffle hunter and his trusted sniffer dogs for a great introduction into the fascinating world of truffles. Giulio is a pioneer of the food experience since 1999, when truffles became his passion, and since then he spends his days in search of truffles all over Tuscany. His knowledgeable yet entertaining discourse on the origins and the science of what the locals call “black gold” will give you an insight into this precious commodity and its role in local cuisine and culture.

Then, you will virtually reach Giulio’s kitchen to meet his friend Bernardo, Maitre Patissier born with a passion for pastry who has worked in some of the best pastry shops in Florence and Europe. Learn how to prepare delicious truffle desserts like winter truffle chocolate soufflé and black winter truffle praline creme brûlée…we are sure your mouth will water from beginning to end!

(Virtual Tour duration: 1,5 hours)

How about an Italian Cooking Lesson over video conference with amazing Chef, Stefania

Cook Italian recipes in the comfort of your own home, interacting with chef Stefania to prepare great dishes for your family and friends! 

Virtual Cooking Lesson - Learn to cook Italian Cuisine

One of the brightest ambassadors of her native Tuscany, Stefania welcomes you into her family home in Florence for a fun class in cooking that goes beyond simply following recipes. Sharing culinary history, igniting passion for traditional recipes and choosing the perfect wine pairing are just as important to Italian cooking as relying on zero-kilometer produce for this master chef and sommelier.

You’ll discuss the day’s menu and then then don the aprons to cook your meal. Our Chef’s enthusiasm is contagious, her tips and tricks are fool-proof and her recipes are all destined to become part of your regular meal rotation at home. Before you sit at your table to enjoy the fruits of your labor, she will put on her sommelier hat to choose the perfect Italian wine to pair with the meal. 

(Virtual Tour duration: 2 hours)

Note: For cooking classes, food shopping lists will be sent prior to the experience so you can prepare.  If you are booking one of our private Tuscan wine tasting experiences, we will ship the wines to your location.  

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  • Melissa Martin – Founder and current owner of Italian Allure Travel Pty Ltd