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Florence Tuscany Italy
Whilst we wait patiently to welcome our international travellers from all over the world, we are thrilled to share with you a NEW initiative to “keep the dream of Italy alive”  – Italian Allure Travel Virtual Italy! 

Italian Allure Travel Guests will virtually discover Italy via an online zoom call connecting with our local experts on the ground in Italy.  Have the chance to talk to our experts in Italy about specific topics, virtual cooking classes with our Chefs, we ship Tuscan wines so that you can experience virtual masterclasses with wine experts in Tuscany, or virtually visit your preferred city. Ask our experts questions and establishing great relationships.

  • 100% Private Tailored Virtual Experiences in wine, food, history, archeology, art, culture, Italian language lessons, fashion and lifestyle. 
  • Gif Certificates Available on request.

View some of our suggestions below.. 

  • Discover the best Truffles & Desserts in Italy

    Truffle Hunting at Belmond Castello Di Casole in Tuscany

    Truffle is the "diamond of the kitchen". Would you like to learn all the secrets of one of the culinary world's most prized ingredients? Jump on a private video call with our expert truffle hunter and discover the real world of the Tuscan truffle. You will also enjoy a special cooking show on how to prepare delicious truffle desserts with an expert patisserie!
    Today virtually meet your expert truffle hunter and his trusted sniffer dogs for a great introduction into the fascinating world of truffles. Our expert has been a pioneer of the food experience since 1999, when truffles became his passion, and since then he spends his days in search of truffles all over Tuscany. His knowledgeable yet entertaining discourse on the origins and the science of what the locals call "black gold" will give you an insight into this precious commodity and its role in local cuisine and culture. Then, you will virtually reach his kitchen to meet his friend and Maitre Patissier born with a passion for pastry who has worked in some of the best pastry shops in Florence and Europe. Learn how to prepare delicious truffle desserts like winter truffle chocolate soufflé and black winter truffle praline creme brûlée…we are sure your mouth will water from beginning to end!
    (Tour duration: 1,5 hours)

  • Italian Cooking Lesson with Chef Stefania

    Virtual Cooking Lesson - Learn to cook Italian Cuisine

    Cook Italian recipes in the comfort of your own home, interacting with one of our top Chefs in Italy to prepare great dishes for your family and friends!
    The brightest ambassador of native Tuscany, we welcome you into the family home of our Chef in Florence for a fun class in cooking that goes beyond simply following recipes. Sharing culinary history, igniting passion for traditional recipes and choosing the perfect wine pairing are just as important to Italian cooking as relying zero-kilometer produce for this master chef and sommelier. You'll discuss the day's menu and then then don the aprons to cook your meal. The enthusiasm of our Chef is contagious, her tips and tricks are fool-proof and her recipes are all destined to become part of your regular meal rotation at home. Before you sit at your table to enjoy the fruits of your labor, she will put on her sommelier hat to choose the perfect Italian wine to pair with the meal.
    (Duration: 2 hours)

  • James Bond's Ancient Matera in Basilicata

    Cityscape aerial image of medieval city of Matera, Italy during beautiful sunset.

    As seen in the latest James Bond film the backdrop of ancient Matera in Southern Italy is breathtaking. Jump on a private Zoom call with our expert guide and follow in the footsteps of James Bond through this ancient city!
    Filming for No Time To Die, the 25th film in the epic James Bond series, brought the cast and crew to the ancient city of Matera in August 2019. Join our local expert guide on a private video call to follow the twists and turns of cinema’s favourite hero through the narrow alleys and up the ancient stone stairs of Matera, hearing anecdotes about the actors’ experience in the city (including their favourite local dishes!). Take this chance to learn more about this fascinating city, which is the oldest continually inhabited settlements in the world and home to cave dwellers from early hunters and gatherers to the current entrepreneurs trying to preserve this unique heritage.
    (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Virtual Wine Tasting of Brunello di Montalcino (Wines Shipped)

    Online Virtual Wine Tasting Brunello Wines Montalcino

    Are you a lover of Italian wine and desperately miss it? Book an appointment with a wine expert to enter the world of one of the best Tuscan producers and enjoy a virtual wine tasting to discover something more about one of Italy’s most famous wines: Brunello di Montalcino.
    We take you to one of the most elegant biodynamic estates in the area of Montalcino, a boutique winery with 54 hectares of forest, vineyards and centenary olive trees. If you are curious about the culture and the making of one of the most prestigious wine regions of the world (Montalcino), then we welcome you to our “behind the glass experience”. How is Brunello di Montalcino made? Why do we make Brunello di Montalcino and who makes it? Rest assured, that you will find an answer to all your questions! You will chat with winemakers who will reveal to you (almost!) every secret about their wines. During the video call you will have the chance to enjoy a virtual tasting as the sommelier guides you through a sensorial analysis of the wines that we have already shipped to your home: IGT Toscana Rosso “Amore e Follia” 2016, Rosso di Montalcino DOC “Sogni e Follia” 2016, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG “Cielo D’Ulisse” 2015 and Brunello di Montalcino DOCG “Amore e Magia” 2015.
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Discover the Langhe Region on a Virtual Private Tour

    Langhe - Piedmont

    Discover the gorgeous Langhe region via a private video call with your expert guide to virtually discover this area, famous across the globe for its hidden-treasure truffles, stunning scenery, eclectic culinary delights and award-winning wines!
    Whether it is ruby-red wines, evocative historical sites or the beautiful views across vineyard-covered hills, the Langhe region has something for everyone. Join our expert guide to virtually enjoy its highlights like the village of Barolo, the imposing Grinzane Cavour castle, the village of Barbaresco and Alba – the “Town of 100 Towers”. Learn more about the fascinating world of Barolo and Barbaresco and three of Piedmont’s most beloved treats: truffle, cheese and chocolate. It would be impossible to describe the region without mentioning the recipes that are landmarks of its history and reflect its tradition: vitello tonnato, bagna caoda, tajarin and ravioli del plin, just to mention a few!
    (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Sicily on the Silver Screen: Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy The Godfather

    Godfather Sicily cinema

    Is Il Padrino your favorite movie? Learn more about the places where this movie was shot, Italian Allure Travel will be happy to organize a private video call with a Sicilian guide: chat with an expert imaging you are in our Bella Italia!
    For better or for worse, Sicily has long been synonymous with Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy The Godfather and today you will have the chance to learn more about the quaint Sicilian villages that provided the backdrop for these iconic films: Castello degli Schiavi from the tragic final scene of Godfather III, Bar Vitelli in Savoca where Michael asked for Apollonia’s hand, the hilltop village Forza d’Agrò from the second and third films, and Castlemola with 360-degree views of the volcano, the sea and the countryside.
    (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Explore the Ruins of Pompeii

    Statues and columns temples of Pompeii

    Travel back in time and discover Pompeii on a private video tour with our expert guide. Enjoy an exploration of life in this Roman city, through the lives of both the well-known and the anonymous inhabitants.
    After a devastating volcanic eruption smothered the city of Pompeii in 79 AD, this once booming port town was preserved for posterity. Join your guide to virtually explore its basilicas, bathhouses, private homes and businesses decorated with ornate mosaics and detailed frescos, and gain unique insight into life for the average Roman citizen.
    (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Online Private Cooking Lesson

    Virtual Private Italian Cooking Classes

    Do you love Italian food? Cook Italian recipes in the comfort of your own home, interacting with professional chefs via video to prepare gourmet dishes for your family and friends! If you are dreaming of coming to Italy but want to taste a bit of it at home, creating real Italian dishes, this exclusive, fun and interactive cooking class will teach you all the secrets of our cuisine! You do not need any special equipment or any technical preparation just your good mood and your desire to learn: Carbonara, Fresh Pasta, Tiramisù just to name some great dishes you can learn to cook to surprise your friends! We will set an on-line conference call at your favorite time and any participant can enjoy the preparation of a delicious meal with you. You will connect with your chef, who will be cooking the same recipes from their kitchen in Italy. We will send you all ingredients and necessary tools you might be using in order to smoothly follow the chef’s instructions. (Online Class Duration 1hr 30mins)

  • Virtual stroll through a Venetian’s Venice

    Exclusive Private Tours and Events in Venice, Italy

    Do you dream of visiting Venice? Do you want to learn more about the City on Water? Italian Allure Travel is happy to organize a live virtual online tour to help you get to know the secrets of Venice through the eyes of a Venetian.
    From the comfort of your home join your expert, live on a virtual tour through the alleys and canals of Venice. You will enjoy the Rialto Bridge, see the Grand Canal but also explore out-of-the-way neighborhoods and lesser-known sights, all the while learning about the current events and everyday life of the typical Veneziano! You will get to know the ‘real’ Venice on this unique live virtual tour and leave with loads of inspiration and recommendations for your upcoming trip to the city!
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Virtual Discovery of Ancient Rome

    Would you like to live la Dolce Vita, just like when Audrey Hepburn had her “Roman Holiday”? Jump on a private zoom video call with one of our expert guides in Rome, enjoy an introduction to the most iconic sites and learn more about the Eternal City. From the comfort of your home, enjoy an entertaining call with your Roman guide and discover the rich history, cultural highlights and true Roman flair of the Campo Marzio, once a living history lesson and a celebration of Rome’s famed Dolce Vita! (Online Duration: 1 hour) 

  • Virtually Tour La Scala and Explore Milan

    La Scala Theatre Milan

    Are you an opera lover and would like to learn more about one of the most famous theaters in world? Italian Allure Travel will organize a private online tour with our expert guide to virtually tour La Scala and explore Milan from its most musical side!
    Today join your expert guide for a tour of the musical highlights of the city and discover all the secrets and the history of the opera house Alla Scala where the most famous opera composers like Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini performed their world famous works. The second part of the virtual tour will be more active as you will virtually walk inside the theatre wondering at the magnificent architecture and finally you will “enter” backstage with all its secrets! A unique experience…just waiting for you to come to Milan in person!
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Lake Como: a lake for the stars!

    Lake Como Private Tours

    Like Hollywood, Lake Como offered the locations of important and curios films from Lumiere to Netflix. Do you want to learn more about this iconic lake and get prepared for your next trip to Italy? Jump on a private video call with our expert guide and discover the history and secrets of this special destination through films, videos and documentaries filmed there!
    From Roman emperors and aristocrats to Hollywood stars, everyone loves Lake Como. The stunning beauty of this picturesque setting continues to draw in the rich and famous. With its verdant cypress shores, Italy’s Lake Como is the movie-set idea of a luxury resort. This is the place to relax and enjoy la dolce vita. Join your expert guide on a private call and imagine that you are on the lake while she recounts about its villages, villas and its celebrated travellers!
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Virtual Discovery of the Medici Family History

    Views of the Ponte Vecchio from Hotel Lungarno in Florence

    Would you like to learn more about the rise and fall of the grand Medici Family? Jump on a private Zoom/video call with our expert Florentine guide and discover the story of the mighty Medici family, a story as grand as Florence itself: full of intrigue and romance, obsessed with art and craftsmanship, and wielding the power to change the world. As great patrons of art and power-hungry players in the economy, politics and the church, the Medici family have become synonymous with Renaissance Florence. Join our expert guide and proud Fiorentina to discover how this influential family became the godfathers of the Renaissance and brought the city to the level of grandeur we know today. Witness the artistic and architectural masterpieces that would have been unthinkable without Medici funding and learn how their web of influence went far beyond Florence and shaped European history.
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Kid Friendly Ancient Rome Experience

    Are your children studying Roman history at school and would like to learn more by taking an online trip to the Eternal City? Italian Allure Travel will be happy to organise a virtual snack time call with a child-friendly licensed guide in Rome to discover all of the secrets of the Roman Empire. Join your expert guide on a virtual online tour and follow in the footsteps of gladiators and emperors, from the rise of Julius Caesar to the fall of the Roman Empire. Imagine you are in the Eternal City, your guide will recount myths and legends that make the ruins come alive! (Online Tour Duration: 1 hour) 

  • A pilgrimage in Tuscany

    Tuscany - Private Tours and Day Trips

    Have you ever thought about following in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims and traveling the Via Francigena? Join your expert licensed guide online and learn more about the Tuscan path.
    Pilgrim from Latin “peregrinus” means foreigner. Foreign to the place you are travelling to but also foreign to the land where you live. The meaning of the word includes strangeness and disorientation. Around the year 1000 there were some paths in Europe that become outstanding and give birth to many cities, the main ones connect the English Channel to Rome and are named Via Francigena or Via Romea. Today in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims, start your journey from northern Europe to Rome focusing on Tuscan staging points. A pilgrim would stop for sure at San Gimignano, Siena and Val d’ Orcia with Montalcino and Pienza, nowadays all Unesco World heritage sites. Very recently this Tuscan section of the Via Francigena was rediscovered and modern pilgrims follow the steps of their medieval ancestors. These are travellers who love slow tourism, silence, intact landscapes, and genuine food.
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Sicily and Sicilians Virtual Tour

    Private tours and day trips in Sicily

    Is Sicily a word that makes you think about your roots? Would you like to understand the secrets of the Sicilian identity, culture, language and gastronomy and discover why this island is so unique and special? Italian Allure Travel is happy to arrange a private online tour with a local expert to answer all your questions!
    Jump on a private video tour with our expert guide to discover everything about Sicilian identity, culture, gastronomy, people, local traditions and religious processions. Find out why this island is so special and what makes Sicilian identity so unique, local and global at the same time. Discover the habits, ways of doing, speaking, cooking, facing the life that your ancestors have brought with them from the place of origin. Find out what Sicily is and what it really means to be Sicilian or have a Sicilian background.
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Discover the world of Brunello di Montalcino (Wine Chat)

    Private Wine Tours in Tuscany, Italy

    Book an appointment with a wine expert to enter the world of one of the best Tuscan producers and enjoy a private virtual journey to discover the origins of one of Italy’s most famous wines: Brunello di Montalcino. One of the most elegant biodynamic estates in the area of Montalcino, a boutique winery with 54 hectares of forest, vineyards and centenary olive trees. You will chat with winemakers who will reveal to you (almost!) every secret about different topics such as Montalcino Heritage, Terroir and Ecosystem, Bonsai Vineyard, the biodynamic farming philosophy, the Golden Cellar and the artisanal winemaking techniques. Private Zoom Call with a wine expert, NO wine shipped, discussion only. (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Discover the world of Chianti Wines in Tuscany

    Discover the world of Chianti in Tuscany

    Are you a lover of Italian wine? Enjoy some one on one time with a wine expert to enter the world of a great Tuscan producer and enjoy a virtual journey to discover the origins of one of Italy’s most famous wines: the Chianti. This wonderful estate proves that everything at the heart of the Chianti region is tied by an often visible thread to millennia of history of which very little has been lost or mislaid over the centuries. An enchanting example of how mankind’s own botanical and agricultural activities, integrated into their surrounding natural environment, can merge to form a spectacular landscape. The estate reflects an ancient life philosophy, where man can truly enjoy and use the natural world around him by integrating into and working with his environment whilst maintaining respectful observance of its needs. Today join your wine expert and learn about the Chianti Classico and its evolution over the past 300 years and enjoy an introduction to the world of the famous Supertuscan! After this virtual experience you may wish to order a box of these great wines that will be shipped directly to your home…contact us for more information!
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet”

    Romeo and Juliets house Verona

    Are you passionate about Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet” and would you like to hear the true story and how people really lived in the 14th century? Join your guide to follow in the footsteps of these lovers!
    Virtually meet your guide in Piazza Erbe, the market square, to live in Verona as it was during the time of Romeo and Juliet. You will soon enter a different scenario: a world hard to imagine now, amongst the plots and conspiracies of noble families and the hardships of 14th-century life in Italy. In this challenging and at times brutal world, you will live the deep love of the two "innamorati", you will feel their passion and despair, their hopes and deep affection and their frantic struggle against their cursed, star-crossed destiny.
    (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Atelier Discovery for Fashion Lovers

    Milan Italy

    Is fashion your biggest passion and do you love Italian designers? Experience first-hand the celebrated workshop of Federico Sangalli known for expert craftmanship and pioneering design on a live virtual tour! Virtually opening the doors of his celebrated atelier. In this behind-the-scenes experience, you will witness live how couture fashion is made, from pattern-cutting and custom mannequins to garments sewn on early 20th-century treadle sewing machines and finished by hand. This rare opportunity to watch true artisans practice their craft and the chance to speak with Federico Sangalli in person is an experience you won’t quickly forget! Your journey continues with the discovery of the new project presented at the last Milano Fashion Week and more.. (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Virtual Pesto Cooking Show

    Virtual Pesto Cooking Class in Italy

    Are you passionate about 'pasta, pesto, focaccia & co? Jump on a video call with our local chef Guido to enjoy a live pesto show and learn more on these iconic Ligurian foods!
    Today your chef Guido will welcome you in the foyer of his Bottega – a food emporium filled to the rafters with delicacies like cured meats, oils and vinegars. Here, you will have the chance to understand how to make pesto alla Genovese – ‘pounding’ (pestare, like the name says) the aromatic basil leaves into a fine paste with cheese, pine nuts and Ligurian olive oil using a marble mortar and a pear-wood pestle. Guido is also a great food expert and he will take you into the world of some of best Ligurian delicacies you will have already received at home: Extra Virgin Taggiasca Olive Oil, Pesto Genovese, Patè of Taggiasche Olives, Trofie Pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar San Giacomo and Baby Pandolce Sweet. Enjoy!
    (Online Class duration: 1 hour)

  • Virtual Sartorial Tradition - High fashion and Made in Italy

    Virtual Sartorial Tradition Class

    Do you love clothes made in Italy and would you like to learn how to build a high fashion garment? Italian Allure Travel has the answer: join your expert on a private sartorial tradition class! What is high fashion? Are you sure to have the right answer? There is a little “formula” to know about it: 100% pure materials, 100% bespoke, 70% by hand and 30% by machine. This class is dedicated to those who love high fashion and Made in Italy and want to discover closely and learn how to build a high fashion garment. You will then be able to learn how to build a simple garment by hand, such as a skirt or a top, always in Federico Sangalli style, starting from the hand stitching to the finished garment. A class to try live to make your own piece of Made in Italy at home. (Online Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Private Online Italian Language Classes..

    Italian Classes online

    Would you like to learn Italian and discover more about our culture? A local expert is at your disposal for a fun lesson – contact Italian Allure Travel for an appointment!
    Would you like to know general, simple and common Italian words that you can proudly share with your friends and family to impress them? Join your expert on a virtual call to learn our language and discover our culture in a fun way. You may learn how to order food at an Italian restaurant, how to ask directions if you get lost, or maybe how to translate the most common saying in Italian! Let us know if you are a beginner or if you already have some knowledge, share with us your interests and curiosities about our country and we will be happy to create the best lesson for you!
    (Online Class duration: 45 minutes)