Virtual Italy – Private Experiences from home

Florence Tuscany Italy
Keeping the dream of Italy alive!
We are thrilled to share with you a NEW initiative to “keep the dream of Italy alive”  – Italian Allure Travel Virtual Italy! 
Whilst we wait patiently to welcome our international travellers from all over the world, experience our NEW Virtual Private Tours.

Italian Allure Travel Guests will virtually discover Italy via an online zoom call connecting with our local experts in Italy.  Have the chance to talk to our experts about specific topics, areas or a preferred city that you have a particular interest in.  During the allotted time you can ask questions and create an interaction establishing great relationships.

According to your specific interests, we will arrange the perfect Virtual Experience: wine, food, history, archeology, art, culture, fashion and lifestyle. We can also offer Italian language lessons, virtual wine tastings and cooking classes. All of our virtual experiences are 100% private and personalised to create a unique moment of interaction with our expert teams on the ground in Italy.  

  • Preferred dates and times so that we can organise the experiences according to availability 
  • Your location so that we can arrange the relevant zoom meeting time, consider Italy time zone 
  • All experiences are private to guarantee a greater interaction with our team in Italy, therefore we will only allow a limited number of guests taking part to each online experience. Maximum attendee numbers per appointment will be presented along with all inclusions and total price. 

Following are a few of our NEW Virtual Italy experiences: 

NEW online Virtual Private Tours, further detailed information and prices will be provided at the time of your enquiry.

Tailored to your interests we will design a 100% private and personalised experience!




  • Virtual Discovery of the Medici

    Private Virtual Tours - Discover the Medici

    Have you been watching the Medici series on Netflix?  Would you like to learn more about the rise and fall of this grand Family? Jump on a private zoom call with our expert Florentine guide and discover the story of the mighty Medici family, a story as grand as Florence itself: full of intrigue and romance, obsessed with art and craftsmanship, and wielding the power to change the world. As great patrons of art and power-hungry players in the economy, politics and the church, the Medici family have become synonymous with Renaissance Florence. Join our expert guide and proud Fiorentina to discover how this influential family became the godfathers of the Renaissance and brought the city to the level of grandeur we know today. Witness the artistic and architectural masterpieces that would have been unthinkable without Medici funding and learn how their web of influence went far beyond Florence and shaped European history. (Duration 1hour)

  • Online Private Cooking Lesson

    Learn to cook Italian Cuisine

    Do you love Italian food? Cook Italian recipes in the comfort of your own home, interacting with professional chefs to prepare gourmet dishes for your family and friends! Creating real Italian dishes, this exclusive, fun and interactive cooking class will teach you all the secrets of our Italian cuisine! You do not need any special equipment or any technical preparation just your good mood and your desire to learn: Carbonara, Fresh Pasta, Tiramisù just to name some great dishes you can learn to cook to surprise your friends! We will set an on-line conference call at your favorite time and any participant can enjoy the preparation of a delicious meal with you. You will connect with your chef, who will be cooking the same recipes from their kitchen in Italy. We will send you all ingredients and necessary tools you might be using in order to smoothly follow the chef’s instructions. (Duration 1hr 30mins)

  • Virtual Discovery of Ancient Rome

    Would you like to live la Dolce Vita, just like when Audrey Hepburn had her “Roman Holiday”? Jump on a private zoom video call with one of our expert guides in Rome, enjoy an introduction to the most iconic sites and learn more about the Eternal City. From the comfort of your home, enjoy an entertaining call with your Roman guide and discover the rich history, cultural highlights and true Roman flair of the Campo Marzio, once a living history lesson and a celebration of Rome’s famed Dolce Vita! (Duration: 1 hour) 

  • Virtual stroll through a Venetian’s Venice

    Private Tours in Venice by water limousine - Italian Allure Travel

    Do you dream of visiting Venice? Do you want to learn more about the City on Water? From the comfort of your home join your expert, live on a virtual tour through the alleys and canals of Venice. You will enjoy the Rialto Bridge, see the Grand Canal but also explore out-of-the-way neighbourhoods and lesser-known sights, all the while learning about the current events and everyday life of the Venetians! (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Kid Friendly Ancient Rome Experience

    Colosseum Rome Italy

    Are your children studying Roman history at school and would like to learn more by taking an online trip to the Eternal City? Italian Allure Travel will be happy to organise a virtual snack time with a child-friendly guide in Rome to discover all of the secrets of the Roman Empire. Join your expert guide on a virtual call and follow in the footsteps of gladiators and emperors, from the rise of Julius Caesar to the fall of the Roman Empire. Imagine you are in the Eternal City, your guide will recount myths and legends that make the ruins come alive! (Duration: 1 hour) 

  • Private Online Italian Language Classes..

    Italian Classes online

    Would you like to learn Italian and discover more about our culture? A local expert is at your disposal for a fun lesson – contact Italian Allure Travel for an appointment! Would you like to know general, simple and common Italian words that you can proudly share with your friends and family to impress them? Join your expert on a virtual call to learn our language and discover our culture in a fun way. (Tour duration: 45 minutes)

  • Virtual Wine Tasting of Brunello di Montalcino (Wines Shipped)

    Online Virtual Wine Tasting Brunello Wines Montalcino

    Are you a lover of Italian wine and desperately miss it? Book an appointment with a wine expert to enter the world of one of the best Tuscan producers and enjoy a virtual wine tasting to discover something more about one of Italy’s most famous wines: Brunello di Montalcino. You will chat with winemakers who will reveal to you (almost!) every secret about their wines. During the call you will have the chance to enjoy a virtual tasting as the sommelier guides you through a sensorial analysis of the wines that we have already shipped to your home: INCLUDES the shipping of 6 bottles of wine to open during the wine tasting. (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Discover the world of Brunello di Montalcino (Wine Chat)

    Book an appointment with a wine expert to enter the world of one of the best Tuscan producers and enjoy a virtual journey to discover the origins of one of Italy’s most famous wines: Brunello di Montalcino. One of the most elegant biodynamic estates in the area of Montalcino, a boutique winery with 54 hectares of forest, vineyards and centenary olive trees. You will chat with winemakers who will reveal to you (almost!) every secret about different topics such as Montalcino Heritage, Terroir and Ecosystem, Bonsai Vineyard, the biodynamic farming philosophy, the Golden Cellar and the artisanal winemaking techniques. Private Zoom Call with a wine expert, NO wine shipped, discussion only. (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Virtual Atelier Discovery for Fashion Lovers

    Milan Italy

    Is fashion your biggest passion and do you love Italian designers? Experience first-hand the celebrated workshop of Federico Sangalli known for expert craftmanship and pioneering design on a live virtual tour! Virtually opening the doors of his celebrated atelier. In this behind-the-scenes experience, you will witness live how couture fashion is made, from pattern-cutting and custom mannequins to garments sewn on early 20th-century treadle sewing machines and finished by hand. This rare opportunity to watch true artisans practice their craft and the chance to speak with Federico Sangalli in person is an experience you won’t quickly forget! Your journey continues with the discovery of the new project presented at the last Milano Fashion Week and more.. (Tour duration: 1 hour)

  • Virtual Sartorial Tradition - High fashion and Made in Italy

    Virtual Sartorial Tradition Class

    Do you love clothes made in Italy and would you like to learn how to build a high fashion garment? Italian Allure Travel has the answer: join your expert on a private sartorial tradition class! What is high fashion? Are you sure to have the right answer? There is a little “formula” to know about it: 100% pure materials, 100% bespoke, 70% by hand and 30% by machine. This class is dedicated to those who love high fashion and Made in Italy and want to discover closely and learn how to build a high fashion garment. You will then be able to learn how to build a simple garment by hand, such as a skirt or a top, always in Federico Sangalli style, starting from the hand stitching to the finished garment. A class to try live to make your own piece of Made in Italy at home. (Tour duration: 1 hour)