Picnic on an outlying place in Venice


Experience the natural landscape of the lagoon in Venice complimented by delicious food & wine for a romantic picnic, or a playful experience for the entire family!

Have you ever thought of having a picnic in an outlying place in Venice, where the experience of the natural flora and fauna is complimented by delicious food and wine?  A combination of all things traditionally Italian – be transported by private boat charter to a remote island were you will enjoy superb fresh food and elegant local wines.

We will customise the tour, you can choose to enjoy lunch or dinner with the menu based on your choice of meat, fresh fish or a vegetarian menu.  Food and wine will reflect the season of the year and we guarantee you the best quality produce.

We have many secret spots were you can enjoy this unique experience visiting the islands of Sant’Erasmo, Torcello, Murano or Burano.  

Imagine this experience in Venice becoming your most romantic rendezvous for a couple, the most special moments created in Venice – or if you have kids, why not make this a playful picnic for the entire family.

Sant’Erasmo is one of the least affected islands in Venice by tourism, a place where all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown to be transported and delivered fresh to the best restaurants and hotels in Venice.  Fields of various vegetation and gardens with flowers and fruit trees.  Fishermen pulling in their nets will leave you in no doubt about the freshness and prime quality of the picnic you will enjoy.  The largest and one of the greenest islands in the lagoon, Sant’Erasmo is a sanctuary for culinary delights and an ideal setting for lunch or dinner.

Torcello is very often perceived as the cradle of Venice that once had the largest population of over 200,000 inhabitants. Now this is home for very few Venetians yet the inspiring nature and impressive buildings recall the history of Venice and attract those who love to experience the heart of what Venice used to be.  We will take you around the island, introduce you to the oldest and most interesting locations that can also become the place of relaxation for your ideal picnic experience.

Below are some of our recommended itineraries, of course we will customise the experience to suit you.

OPTION 1: Picnic with a private 2 way transfer from and to your hotel private pier
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tour escort
  • Food & beverage (cuisine customised to your personal taste)
  • 2 way private boat transfers
OPTION 2: Boat tour along the Grand Canal, visiting the island of Murano – Picnic – return to Venice
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Tour escort
  • Food & beverage (cuisine customised to your personal taste)
  • Private boat tour along the Grand Canal – Murano (2hrs disposal) – Picnic – return to your hotel private pier
OPTION 3: Visit the islands Murano, Burano – Picnic and be transported back to your hotel private pier
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Tour escort
  • Food & beverage (cuisine customised to your personal taste)
  • Private boat at your disposal for 6 hours

Our tour escorts/assistants all speak English and you will be transported in style floating along the canal on a traditional Venetian timber boat.

  • The experience will be complimented by a luxury wine set and your customised menu.
  • Our assistants and drivers will meet you directly at your hotel private pier.

Food for thought, this is an ideal setting for a romantic proposal..

If you would like us to assist you with accommodation in Venice please review our preferred Hotels and ask us to organise your advanced reservations with preferential treatment, first-class room selection and ‘Special Offers’.  If you prefer private Luxury Villa Rentals please let us know at the time of your enquiry so that we can present our best selection.

For reservations and to further enquire about costs for this unique experience, please contact us at info@italianalluretravel.com 

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