VIP Vatican & Sistine Chapel Exclusive After Hours Private Tour

Copyright: Photo by Italian Allure Travel


This VIP opportunity will provide a unique insight into one of the most important historical and religious destinations on the planet, including the highlights – Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and Raphael’s Rooms.

Imagine standing alone in the Sistine Chapel to marvel at the famous pictorial painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512.  The artist painted nine detailed famous works in the centre of the ceiling illustrating powerful episodes of the Genesis that are surrounded by Nudes with text taken from the Book of Kings. Twelve Prophets and Sibyls seated on monumental thrones are at the base and in the corners Michelangelo illustrated episodes of the salvation of the people of Israel.

Copyright: Photo by Italian Allure Travel

Here you will discover the history of the Sistine Chapel and how it is still used today as the Conclave for Papal Elections. You will stand completely alone to admire the frescoes painted by Michelangelo on the Chapel ceiling and wall behind the altar, depicting scenes from the Old Testament.

Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam ceiling fresco inside the Sistine Chapel is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Western Art.

The Vatican City is the smallest sovereign state with one of the world’s richest art collections acquired throughout the centuries by the Popes who resided here. 

With this exclusive private visit to the Vatican you can take your time to savour the detail of the Vatican’s most sublime treasures whilst being completely alone.  

This is not a daily experience, this is what we personally call a “ Once-in-a-lifetime “.

This experience is held strictly after hours with our private guides and we will provide round transfers. Our private drivers will pick you up and drop you back at your hotel in Rome.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Departs:  5pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm 
  • Pick up/Drop off location:  Your hotel in Mercedes E Class, S Class or Viano
  • Inclusions: Private car, private driver, professional and licensed guide, entrance tickets.
  • Shoulders and knees must be covered when entering places of worship

Note: The Vatican is not open on specific days of worship, conditions apply, we will advise at the time of your enquiry.

To enquire about costs and availability for this unique VIP experience and for ALL other Vatican City private guided tours please email us at 


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