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  • Classic Portofino style…

    Here’s a little secret…shhhhhhhhh!Each year when I head to Portofino my first stop is a little store high up above the sea side little restaurants and gelato bar at the wharf and sits right on top of the Louis Vuitton shop.  Actually there are two stores owned by the same… Read more »

  • Romance in the city of lights..

    One an only imagine the romantic reasons behind this wonderfully dressed couple taking a hand in hand stroll through the oldest park in Paris, the Tuileries Gardens at the Lourve, no camera’s following them as if walking out of a costume photo shoot, just a romantic stroll from another era… Read more »

  • Giuliano Grittini Art in Portofino

      There is a temptation to purchase the magnificent Maria Callas pieceaccompanied by Alda Merini’s book of poetry Marilyn.. I need say no more! Tailor made luxury itineraries to your ever travel request… Ask Melissa on email:   xmm @ IAT

  • San Giorgio Art Gallery Portofino..

    Another extraordinary visit to my favorite art gallery in Portofino This years visit to the Art Gallery San Giorgio in Portofino opened my eyes to another amazing and talented Italian artist from Milan Giuliano Grittini, who seems to have a specific fascination with Marilyn Munroe yet I was particularly taken… Read more »

  • Portofino paradise..

    Small or large Portofino is larger than life! Brad & George were unfortunately not in sight, I looked yet I could only find the Casino Royal! Watermelon has been my favorite shade for quite some time now and it is everywhere along the Italian Riviera.

  • The Italian Riviera..

    Last night looking out to see the glimmer of the rising moon brought on some wonderful dreams  and I slept like a baby! La Spiagga privata in Santa Margherita This little seaside paradise is where I have just spent my last 3 days relaxing, soaking up the sun.  I don’t… Read more »

  • Benvenuto all Riviera in Italia..

    La Spiagga Santa Margherita Its time to relax now, I feel at ease, lazy days await spending lounging on deck chairs from the Italian Riviera to an island in Tuscany then all the way down to the Amalfi Coast.  All I can say is benvenuto all’Italia!  xmm

  • Roses and Roses..

    Copyright Melissa Martin Roses Costes Dani Roses Copyright Melissa Martin A truly charming flower shop in Rue Saint-Honore, Paris Roses Costes Dani Roses, it’s impossible to walk past and not stop you in your tracks.  Not just the romantic display yet the aroma from the large bouquets is like no… Read more »

  • Au revoir Paris..

    I love Paris in the spring time!!! Summer, autumn and winter too, yet preferably the warmer months, I thank Paris for the extra kilo that I have just put on, after four day’s of indulging in breakfast consisting of pain aux raisins, cappuccino’s, and some of the best gourmet pastries, not… Read more »

  • Pizza fit for kings!

    What a grand pizza! Inside the glass doors lay a giant size pizza with the works!!!  Whilst aimlessly wandering around the circular maze of streets on the outer edges of Siena in Tuscany I stumbled upon this marvelously large and delicious looking pizza.  It drew me in immediately.   Doesn’t… Read more »

  • Camogli at dusk

    Camogli in the Italian Riviera Camogli has to be one of the prettiest and more relaxed fishing towns on the Italian Riviera located at the foot of the Portofino mountains.  Just a stones throw away from riches and luxury this little town I am sure was built by some romantics… Read more »

  • Paraggi Beach – Italian Riviera

      Paradise on Paraggi beach in Portofino, Italy It took me many trips to realise that Paraggi beach or any beach existed in Portofino, which I’d say is some of the most prime real estate on the Italian Riviera.  There are very few hotels all of which can very quickly… Read more »