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  • Burano brightly washed homes

    Bright and protected forever this little hidden nook is somebody’s permanent retreat.  Imagine coming home every day to this cheerful little home! Il colore come la musica.. this put a smile on my face! The island of Burano in Venice is dramatically lined with brightly washed homes, only a short… Read more »

  • Love in Camogli

      Whilst strolling along the beach in Camogli in the Italian Riviera I encountered this perfectly positioned cluster of pebbles with messages of love engraved into them.  Not even having to position them into place they were such a lovely reflection of this tiny fishing town and how Camogli can… Read more »

  • Paris stopover

    On your way to or from Italy stop over and marvel at the Parisian boutiques! How could anyone resist going inside! On my stop over in Paris on the way to look for an evening dress I stumbled across Paris American Art in a small side street in the 6th… Read more »

  • Io sono l’amore

    I suggest watching the movie ‘I Am Love’ and in Italian, si chiama ‘Io sono l’amore’, the perplexity yet charm in each character is wonderful and the way that they photograph the food, the architecture in Milan, local French and Italian country side and the music that accompanies and flatters… Read more »

  • Massimo Rebecchi W/F’11 held in Palazzo Clerici Milan

    Massimo Rebecchi W/F’11 collection was showcased in Palazzo Clerici in the heart of Milan.  This room is so grand that it overpowered the exquisite delicate fabrics.  Who cares and who was it that said Milan is a concrete city?  Its such a dream to be in the thick of such parallel… Read more »

  • Milan fashion week October 2010

    Duomo di Milano A moment of peace amongst the pack The crowds in Piazza del Duomo surrounding Milan’s Cathedral are such a buzz to be a part of, as the sun started to go down and I watched aperitivo hour unfold.  My final evening in Milan amongst this chaotic atmosphere,… Read more »

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