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  • Villa Doria Pamphili a Roma..

    Villa Doria Pamphili After meeting the head of one of the Pamphili households and her 4 children at their home in the centre of Rome, I had to find out more about this family who are historically entrenched in the Catholic church and are famous throughout.  The Palazzo Doria Pamphili… Read more »

  • Caffe Giacosa / Roberto Cavalli – Just Cavalli, Florence

        Caffè Giacosa, Via della Spada 10, Firenze 50123 Florence, Italy   Irresistible and luxurious, serving a great cocktail, the Roberto Cavalli cafe in the heart of Florence is to die for, you will never see such a well dressed unnderstatibly cool crowd focusing on each other.   In… Read more »

  • Roma – Piazza delle Coppelle

      Piazza delle Coppelle is in the heart of Rome only a stones throw away from the beautiful Pantheon.  Leaving the Pantheon head straight down via della Maddalena, take a left into via delle Coppelle and a right up into the piazza, many a day and evening I have enjoyed… Read more »

  • Rome – Salotto 42 in Piazza di Pietra

    Salotto 42 is where local fashionista corporates head for aperitivo hour after work on a Thursday or Friday early evening.  Step inside to be greeted by exceptionally easy on the eye bar staff who will make you in my opinion the best caprioska and bellini in Rome.  Lounge back into… Read more »

  • Rome – Il Pantheon

    The temple dedicated as a worship to all the Gods of ancient Rome is Il Pantheon, located in the centre of Rome in Piazza della Rotonda.  This ancient monument is one of Rome’s best preserved and is unbelievably spectacular to be standing underneath.  Il Pantheon is my favorite monument in… Read more »

  • Rome – market day in Campo dei Fiori

    Every Saturday one of Rome’s oldest markets comes alive early in the morning until mid afternoon, where you can buy fresh flowers, home grown fruit & vegetables, excellent quality fish, and the odd tea towel and cooking utensils which will save you a trip to Ikea if you are purely… Read more »

  • Wearing your whites in the park..

    Taking a mid afternoon stroll after lunch on the perfect spring day through Rome’s Villa Borghese in ones whites is a must! xmm

  • Gabriele Colangelo is Italian luxury..

    Gabriele Colangelo designs to me reflect elegance, style, strength, quality, femininity and beautiful fabrics. I used to think my favorite  color was blue until everything I wanted for S/S gone was watermelon. Nail polish, cushions, tea towels and la moda. I wish it was S/S all  year round!  xmm

  • Via dell’Amore

    Via dell’Amore is the walk of love, where else but in Italy would you find a walk of love I ask, its synonymous to how Italy is perceived.   When I heard that there was a walk of love my curiosity set in and I had to go and see… Read more »

  • Burano brightly washed homes

    Bright and protected forever this little hidden nook is somebody’s permanent retreat.  Imagine coming home every day to this cheerful little home! Il colore come la musica.. this put a smile on my face! The island of Burano in Venice is dramatically lined with brightly washed homes, only a short… Read more »

  • Love in Camogli

      Whilst strolling along the beach in Camogli in the Italian Riviera I encountered this perfectly positioned cluster of pebbles with messages of love engraved into them.  Not even having to position them into place they were such a lovely reflection of this tiny fishing town and how Camogli can… Read more »

  • Paris stopover

    On your way to or from Italy stop over and marvel at the Parisian boutiques! How could anyone resist going inside! On my stop over in Paris on the way to look for an evening dress I stumbled across Paris American Art in a small side street in the 6th… Read more »